Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Vital Records

1880 · 1881 · 1882 · 1883 · 1884 · 1885 · 1886 · 1887 · 1888 · 1889 · 1890 · 1891 · 1892 · 1893 · 1894 · 1895 · 1896

     Deaths in Meadville from April 1880 through October 1920 were recorded in an oversize bound volume captioned on each sheet, “Record of Physicians’ and Undertakers’ Returns of Deaths in the City of Meadville, Pennsylvania.”   The volume was formerly located at the Clerk’s Office of City Hall, 984 Water Street, Meadville, and presumably moved to Diamond Park when City Hall relocated there.   It apparently has not been filmed.  Each sheet in the volume is lined and divided into nineteen columns, labelled as follows::
NAME.  COLOR.  SEX.  MARRIED or SINGLE.  OCCUPATION.  DATE of DEATH.  CAUSE OF DEATH [subdivided into primary and secondary columns, but generally, only a single cause is given].  [Attending] PHYSICIAN.  NAME OF PARENTS.  BIRTHPLACE OF DECEASED.  AGE [subdivided into columns labelled y., m., d.].  RESIDENCE [subdivided into no., street, ward].  TIME OF RESIDENCE THEREIN [y., m., d.].  PLACE OF PREVIOUS RESI DENCE.  PLACE of INTERMENT.  DATE of INTERMENT.  UNDERTAKER OR INFORM ANT.  WATER USED.  No. OF REPORT.
Data therein has been transcribed here verbatim except as noted. The original order has been maintained, except that the last column—the report number—is listed first. "Water used" (city or well) has been omitted. Capitalization of the decedent's color and marital status has been disregarded; and dates, names of states, "Township," "County," and the like have been uniformly abbreviated.