Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography


[Sketch], pp. 9-70
      The Canal., pp. 11-12
      Railway Facilities., p. 12
      The College., pp. 12-14
      The Meadville Theological School., pp. 14-15
      The Banks., p. 15
      The Meadville Opera House, pp. 16-17
      Crawford County Mutual Insurance Company., p. 17
      Meadville Agricultural Implement Works., pp. 17-18
      The Dick Foundry and Machine Works, pp. 18-19
      Eagle Foundry and Machine Works., p. 19
      Meadville Woolen Mills., pp. 19-20
      J. A. Dunn & Co.'s Carriage Factory., p. 20
      McMichael's Carriage Factory., p. 20
      The Meadville Tannery, pp. 20-21
      O. C. Whitney's Cabinet Organ and Melodean Manufactory., p. 21
      Street Directory., pp. 21-22
      Names of Alleys., pp. 22-23
      City Government., p. 23
      County Officers., p. 23
      Fire Department., p. 23
      Church Directory., p. 24
      Societies and Lodges., p. 24
[Directory], pp. 25-66
Meadville Business Directory., pp. 67-70  [to be added 2013]
[Sketch], pp. 125-58
      From the Bluffs., pp. 126-27
      Petroleum Iron Works., p. 127
      George J. Sherman, pp. 127-28
      The Oil Trade., pp. 128-32
            Production since 1859.
            Number of Producing Wells - Average Capacity - Number of Wells Completed in 1868.
            Stocks on Hand in the United States and Europe Jan. 1, 1868 and 1869.
      Recent Improvements., pp. 132-33
      Churches., p. 134
      Titusville Seminary and Soldiers’ Orphans’ School., p. 149
[Directory], pp. 135-58
Note:  The remainder of the Directory is devoted to places outside Crawford County; see CONTENTS.

1 Joseph Wiggins, comp., Directory of Meadville and the Oil Regions, For 1869-70, with Historical Sketches and Statistical Tables (Pittsburgh: By the comp., 1869).  RETURN