Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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     Indians.  Corn Planter, Canadochta and other chiefs in this vicinity were usually peaceable, but the red men throughout the Northwest were on the war path, 1791-4, and the pioneers passed through perilous scenes.  Several times the women and children were sent to the fort at Franklin; but with Wayne's great victory at Greenville, O., in 1794, a permanent peace was established.


     Maj. Roger Alden had served in the Revolutionary War from Lexington to ....

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     H. Oscar Hartman is a native of Meadville and commenced his trade in 1876, eight years later opening a shop for himself.  By industry and integrity Mr. Hartman has built up a large trade in blacksmithing, vehicle and general repair work.  His buildings at Mulberry and Dock alleys are 80x80, a part of it two stories in height, the paint room being in second story.  He makes delivery wagons or any kind of carriages to customers' orders.

N. J. Rice & Co. Carriage Works.

     N. J. Rice was born in Meadville, June 26, 1853, and commenced the carriage trade 40 years ago.  The firm was Rice Brothers for a time, from 1893, but later took its present style.  The works are on Penna av., Kerrtodn [sic; Kerrtown], at West end of Mercer St. bridge, where delivery wagons of all kinds are built and general blacksmithing done.  A complete paint shop and every requisite of vehicle work is found here.  F. Zimmerman has charge of the blacksmithing department.  Mr. Rice also keeps on hand a good assortment of Birdsell and other reliable makes of wagons and a full line of buggies.  The buildings are 24x50 and 38x50 respectively and several men are given steady employment.

     D. L. Kreiter built a good sized shop at 315 Pine St., June 1908, where he [page 46] does general blacksmithing and wagon work.

     C. H. Werley, at 1010 Market St., is an expert horseshoer.  The business here was established, 1871, by Henry P. Werley.  Mr. Werley was born in Meadville and has been in this business from boyhood.


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     Hon, Thomas J. Prather, born in Troy twp., Nov. 28, '66, was graduated from the Edinboro Normal School, 1890, attended Allegheny College and was teaching for 6 years.  He was admitted to practice 1896, and elected judge of this judicial district Nov. 1907.

     C. Victor Johnson, born in Woodcock twp. Feb. 14, 1873, after the public schools, attended Allegheny College and taught for three years.  He took the usual law study and was admitted to the bar May 30, 1900.  Mr. Johnson served a term as district attorney and served in the State Legislature for the sessions of 1909 and 1911.

     Albert L. Thomas was born in Woodcock twp., Feb., 11, 1878, attended Allegheny College, admitted to the bar, Dec., 1905, and Nov., 1911, elected district attorney for the four-year term commencing Jan., 1912.

     Oscar H. Roudebush, Sheriff for the four-year term, commencing Jan., 1912, was born at Blooming Valley, June 5, 1865, and for 16 years past has been a commercial traveler.  He was elected on the democratic ticket last Nov. and has moved to Meadville.  His son, E. B. Roudebush, a student from the Meadville Commercial College, officiates as deputy sheriff.

     V. L. Greeley, Prothonotary, 1912-15, was born in Bloomfield twp., son of O. C. Greeley, a veteran of the Civil war.  V. L. attended high school at Ripley, N. Y., graduating from the Corry Business College, 1891.  Mr. Greeley was a large promoter in the People's Mutual Telephone Co., of Riceville and had charge of the exchange there.  D. T. McKay, who has just completed a term as Prothonotary, is serving as deputy.

     H. H. Finney, Clerk of Courts, 1912-16, was born in Rockdale twp., attended Edinboro Normal and Water- [page 58] ford Academy, graduating from the Meadville Commercial College, 1889.  Mr. Finney has now entered upon his fourth term as Clerk of Courts.

     Wm. A. Thompson, who has served as register and recorder since Jan., 1909, was re-elected for the present four-year term.  He was born in Union City and graduated from the Meadville Commercial College.  E. B. Flower, who has served in this office for 23 years, is retained as deputy register.

     L. H. Lauderbaugh, elected on the democratic ticket Nov., 1911, by a flattering majority for county treasurer, 1912-16; was born in Union twp., July 8, 1850, graduating from Allegheny College June, 1876, admitted to the bar Sept. 27, '81, served as city clerk, was justice of the peace 1887-94, later as water commissioner and as secretary of the board of directors for the Meadville Odd Fellows' home, for 12 years.

     The County Schools of Crawford County, including Meadville, have about 500 teachers, with an enrollment of 12,000 pupils of school age.  P. Dalton Blair was born near Hartstown Mar. 28, 1877, graduated from Clarion State Normal 1897, attended Allegheny, received A. B. degree from Grove City College 1905, subsequently attending Harvard University.  Prof. Blair served as principal of Springboro, Irwin and Cambridge Springs schools prior to his election May 2, 1911 for a three-year term as county superintendent.

     County Commissioners.  The important affairs of county finance, public buildings, bridges, etc., are entrusted to three commissioners who are selected for four years.  George C. Reitze, who was recently re-elected for the current term, was born in Union twp., graduated from Meadville Commercial College, 1889, and since manhood has been in agricultural pursuits.  He was re-elected Nov., 1911, for a four-year term.

     A. E. Lilley, who was elected, on the republican ticket, Nov., 1911, and came to the office Jan., 1912, was born in Concord, Erie Co., Feb. 9, 1859, and for thirty years past has been a farmer and dairyman in Sparta twp., where he owns a good home and competency.

     H. C. Wasson was born in the homestead which he now owns in Hayfield twp., Aug. 27, 1869.  In addition to agricultural pursuits Mr. Wasson was twice elected as justice of the peace and since 1904 has been in contract work for highways and bridge work.  He was chosen on the republican ticket Nov., 1911.


     James W. Smith, now longest in practice of law at Meadville, was born in Wilson Co., Tenn., graduating from Allegheny College, 1860 and from a law school in '61.  He was admitted to the bar here Apr. '62 and soon afterwards enlisted.  After three years service in which he was promoted to be Captain, he returned to law practice here and with April 1912 rounds out 50 years as an attorney.  Office, 309 Chestnut St.

     J. N. McCloskey, born at Saegertown, attended Edinboro Normal School, admitted to the bar Aug. 17, '66.  Some twenty years ago changed his principal duties to looking after real estate.  He owns a substantial brick home, with office, at 363 Chestnut St.

     C. M. Boush, 1112 Park Av., was born in southern Germany, March 1831, graduated from the Academy there and, 1852, came to America.  He served as J. P. in Meadville 1862-7, was admitted June 11, '68, having since been in continuous practice.  He was city solicitor for a term and is attorney for the incorporated bodies [page 59] of the General Synod of the German Reformed church.  Mr. Boush was for 11 years captain of volunteer fire companies here, 3 years a councilman and 3 years solicitor for the city; was 12 years on the school board, 27 years Sec.-Treas. of City Hospital, and 32 years one of the Greendale Cemetery managers.

     Col. C. W. Tyler, born in Susquehanna Co., was admitted there 1860.  He served through the civil war achieving rank of Colonel of 141st Pa. Vols., later was representative to the legislature. Col. Tyler came to Meadville Aug. '67, was admitted here June 23, '68, was owner of newspapers here 1867-74, and has since continued in the practice of law.  Office 357 Center St.

     Thomas Roddy was born at Toronto, Canada, Dec. 29, 1839, educated in England, returned to America 1857, came to Meadville, July, '67.  Admitted to the bar July, '70; served as city solicitor several terms; was chairman of the Republican Co. Com., 1880, and served for 14 years as a member of the Board of Examiners for admission to the bar.  Office 906 Park av.

     James P. Colter, at present City Solicitor, is a native of Crawford County.  He had a preparatory course in the Edinboro Normal School.  On completing that course he entered Allegheny College, and graduated in the class of 1868.  He was admitted to the bar in Crawford County, Aug. 14, 1871.  He located at Kittanning, Pa., and practiced law in Armstrong County until August, 1889.  At that time he returned to Meadville where he has since been engaged continuously in the work of his profession.  Mr. Colter has served fourteen years as a member of the Board for examining students at law, is a member of the Board of Trustees of Allegheny College and Secretary of that Board, and, as City Solicitor has given faithful attention to the work of that office.

     George P. Davenport was born in Crawford Co., April, 1848.  He was graduated from Allegheny College in June, 1868, and after a sufficient course was admitted to the bar 1872.  In 1878 he was elected district attorney, serving a three year term.  Mr. Davenport served for two terms as chairman of the Republican County Committee.  His office is at 357 Center Street.

     Almond G. Richmond was born in Meadville, son of Hon. H. L. Richmond, noted among early attorneys here.  A. G. was graduated from Allegheny College, 1870 and admitted to the bar Aug. 6, 1873.  He served as district attorney 1885-7; was appointed by the United States Court as referee in bankruptcy, 1898, in which capacity he still serves.  Office, 918 Diamond Square.

     John O. McClintock was born, in Venango county, June 23, 1850 and was graduated from Allegheny College in 1872.  He was admitted to the bar Sept. 17, 1875, and has since been in continuous practice here.  Office, 359 Center St.

     James D. Roberts, born in Jamestown, Pa., Aug. 9, 1850, was graduated from Edinboro Normal School 1873, admitted to the bar Aug. 14, '76, and opened practice in Meadville, 1878. He served as district attorney 1888-90, in select council 1904-8, and has been an alderman since Apr., 1910.  Mr. Roberts was also for several years on the board of school controllers.  Office, 357 Center St.

     Emmett W. McArthur, born in South Shenango twp., this county, July 10, 1853, after public schools, attended Jamestown Seminary and Edinboro State Normal School and taught school for several years.  He was admitted to the bar Feb. 25, 1884, served as post master of Meadville 1886-90.  He was a member of the city council and on [page 60] the school board for several terms.  Mr. McArthur served as mayor 1899-1901.  He has been the nominee of the democratic party for State Senator and for Congress from this district.  He is interested in several of Meadville's industries and in the production of oil.

     Jas. R. Andrews, born in Crawford county, was graduated from Allegheny College, in 1881, and was admitted to the practice of law at Meadville, May 16, 1884.  Office, 309 Chestnut St.

     Wm. W. Henderson was born in Jefferson county, Ohio, April 10, 1848, coming to Meadville in early manhood.  He was admitted to the practice of law here Sept. 28, 1885.  Office 349 Center St.

     Otto Kohler was born in Mount Eaton, Wayne County, O., removed to Meadville with his parents in 1868 and has resided here since.  He was obliged to leave school at the age of 14 years, was admitted to the bar of Crawford Co. Sept. 28th, 1885 and has been in active practice since then.

     Wesley B. Best, born in Meadville, was graduated from Allegheny College, 1883, and admitted to the bar May 11, 1886.  He served as district attorney 1891-3 and upon the resignation of W. R. Vance as district attorney, Mr. Best was appointed by Judge Thomas to fill this vacancy of 1½ years.  He was city solicitor under Mayor Braymer 1896-7.  Office at 899 Park av.

     J. A. Northam, born in Meadville, was graduated from the city high school, 1882, and admitted to the bar May 11, 1886.  He is a notary public and holds office at 351 Center St.

     Isaac Monderau, born in Mead twp., April, 1866, attended Allegheny College, was elected justice of the peace at age of 21, served 10 years and was admitted to the bar May 20, 1887.  He is an enthusiastic prohibitionist and served for many years as chairman of the committee for that party.

     Frank J. Thomas was born in Woodcock twp. 1859, commenced teaching in early manhood, was graduated from Allegheny College 1885 and again taught for a time.  He was admitted to the bar May 16, 1889, associated from July 1892 with H. J. Humes until elected judge of the 30th judicial district, in '97, serving for ten years when he resumed the practice of law.  Office rooms 202-5 Crawford Co. Trust Bldg.

     John E. Reynolds, son of the late Hon. Wm. Reynolds, who served as first mayor [of?] Meadville, was born in this city and graduated from Harvard Collage.  He was admitted to the bar Nov. 21, 1890, served as treasurer of the Meadville & Linesville Ry and as president of the Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Reynolds was mayor of Meadville 1905-7, is a stockholder in several industrial concerns and has contributed a full share towards the city's permanent development.

     B. B. Picket, born in Meadville, 1865, was graduated from Allegheny College, 1887, and admitted to the bar May 20, 1891.  He served as city clerk 1888-92 and as district attorney '94-6.

     Terrance E. Henretta, born in Summerhill twp., this county, Apr. 22, 1869, attended the Edinboro State Normal School, studied law at Pittsburgh and was admitted to the bar in Meadville, Sept. 10, 1894.  Office, 899 Park av.

     Curtis L. Webb, a native of Crawford Co., attended the Ohio Normal University and Allegheny College.  He was graduated from the Northwestern University Law School of Chicago, 1893, and admitted to the bar here Sept. 10, '94.  Mr. Webb served for six years as deputy prothonotary, and for four years was trust officer and assistant treasurer of the Crawford Co. [page 61] Trust Co.  Since 1908 he has been associated with E. W. McArthur.

     Manley O. Brown, born in Mercer Co., Feb. 18, 1868, was graduated from Greenville high school May, '87, and from Allegheny College June, '91.  He was instructor in languages at Hall Institute of Sharon for three years, was admitted to the bar here Feb. 25, 1895 and served as city solicitor 1906-9.  Office, Flood Building.

     John Schuler, born at New Richmond, O., attended H. S. there prior to taking up the harness trade.  Later he read law in Meadville and was admitted to the bar 1895.  Office, 241 Chestnut St.

     O. Clare Kent, born in N. Shenango twp., this county, attended high school at Linesville, Pa., graduating from Allegheny College, 1896, read law with Joshua Douglas and was admitted to the bar May 30, 1900.  Mr. Kent served as district attorney 1906-11.  Office, 353 Center St.

     E. Lowry Humes, born in Meadville, July 25, 1878, attended Allegheny College, read law with H. J. Humes and was admitted to the bar Dec. 10, 1900.  He served as secretary and solicitor for the Meadville school board 1902-11, still retaining the solicitorship.  Mr. Humes has served several terms as democratic county chairman.  He is adjutant of the 16th In. N. G. P.  Office, 915 Diamond Sq.

     L. D. Edson, born at Tryonville, admitted to the bar here June 6, 1901, served as county solicitor 1906-8.  Office at 899 Park Av.

     Roy S. Peters, born in Hayfield twp., was graduated from Saegertown H. S., 1902, read law with Hon. H. J. Humes & Son, and was admitted to the bar June 11, 1908.  Mr. Peters resides at Saegertown, having office with E. Lowry Humes, 915 Diamond Sq.

     John C. Spencer, born near Mosiertown, was graduated from Allegheny College, 1892, teaching at Waterford Academy '97-8, principal at Dubois H. S. '99-1902, and at Mosiertown 1905-7.  He was admitted to the bar Nov. 27, 1908, and had charge of latin in Warren H. S. for a year and opened a law office Oct., 1910, over New First Natl. Bk.

Aldermen.  (Jas. D. Roberts, see Attys.)

     E. D. Pytcher, for 4th Ward, was born in Mead twp., and for 26 years a resident of the city. He was elected in 1904 and re-elected 1909 for second term.

     Chas. Guenin, 121 Wadsworth Av., was born in France, Feb. 3, 1840, his parents settling in East Fairfield this county two years later.  Squire Guenin stuck to the farm until ten years since when he sought the quietude of the Fifth Ward.  He served in 15th U. S. Inf. 1861-4.  He was elected alderman for 5 years, Nov., 1909

     Ben. F. Peterman has been for many years a draughtsman in Phoenix Iron Works.  Squire Kepler died suddenly Nov. 23, 1911 and Mr. Peterman was appointed by Gov. Tener to the vacancy Dec. 14, qualified at once, and holds office at 900 Water St.  Mr. Peterman has been appointed police magistrate.

The Medical Profession.

     Early Physicians.  Dr. Thos. R. Kennedy practiced here 1795-1813; Daniel Bemus 1807-45; Wm. Woodruff '23-60; John Sprague '23-5;C. M. Yates '26-50; Reynell Coates '29-33; Alex. McLeod '33-61 when he became chaplain; Edward Ellis '40-88.  J. T. Ray coming in late 50's was in practice several years.

     When Crawford Co. Medical Society was organized, 1866, physicians to affiliate were T. B. Lashells, J. C. Cotton, Wm. Church, David Best, J. P. Hassler, E. H. Dewey, D. M. and A. C. Calvin.  The Homeopathic Society was started Feb. '78 at Dr. E. C. Parsons' [page 62] office, J. N. Pond and Susan Rose uniting and, 1881, J. D. Stoneroad coming, he being now the oldest physician in Meadville.  Born 1826, in Mifflin Co., he voted for Zachary Taylor, 1848, and at every presidential election since, having retired some years ago.

     Dr. C. P. Woodring, born in Meadville, 1853, graduated from Allegheny College 1876 and from University of New York, '79, continuing in practice until 1908, since which he had spent the summer traveling.  He died Dec. 19, 1911, from heart trouble.

Medical Matters.

     The present officers of the Crawford Co. Medical Society are J. C. McFate, Pres.; H. L. Brush, of Conneaut Lake, 1st V. P.; J. K. Roberts, 2d V. P.; C. C. Laffer, Sec-Treas., since 1895. About 50 doctors are affiliated.  Meetings are held in Chamber of Commerce parlors first Wed. of each month.

     Dr. D. L. Collom, born in this county, took a term at the Michigan University and, 1876, was graduated from Jefferson Medical College.  He practiced for ten years at Conneatville, spent a year in travel, locating here, 1888, and at his present place 961 Park av. 1895.

     Dr. C. W. Thompson, born in Pittsburgh, May 8, 1858, attended Meadville Commercial College, Allegheny College, graduating from Western Reserve University, 1882, has been since in practice here.  Ofice, 279 Chestnut St.

     Dr. Harry G. Chamberlain's parents lived at St. Johnsbury, Vt.  He attended Rush Medical and married Adella, daughter of Dr. E. D. Cobb, a retired physician residing here.  Dr. Chamberlain practiced awhile in N. Y. and several years at Harmonsburg prior to locating in Meadville about 20 years ago.  Office and residence, 874 Water St.

     Dr. J. K. Roberts, born near Greenville, Mercer Co., May 15, 1856, was graduated M. D. from University of Wooster and from Western Reserve University, having been practicing in Crawford Co., since 1880.  He attended the New York Post Graduate School winters of 1894-5 and 1903-4.  In 1903, Dr. Roberts received a diploma from the National College of Electro-Theurapeutics of Lima, O.  Since 1904 he has been doing general practice in Meadville.  Office at 290 Chestnut St.

     Dr. W. D. Hamaker, born in Bedford Co., graduated from Washington & Jefferson College, 1880, and 1884, from the University of Penn'a, locating at Meadville, 1886.  Dr. Hamaker has been a member of the State Board of medical examiners since 1895.  He belongs to the American, State and County medical societies.

     Dr. C. C. Hill, born in Knox Co., Ohio, after attendance at Jefferson Medical College, graduated from Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1874, practicing in Central Ohio for some years.  After taking a post graduate course at the Philadelphia Polyclinic he located in Meadville 1888, and gives special attention to the eye, ear, throat and nose.  Office at 281½ Chestnut St.

     Dr. D. G. Snodgrass, born Feb. 22d, 1853, at Jamestown, Pa., attended Jamestown Seminary and Westminster College, of New Wilmington, graduating from Starling Medical College, of Columbus, 1882.  Dr. Snodgrass practiced at Conneaut Lake and West Middlesex, Pa., prior to opening practice at Meadville, in 1902.  He is a member of the American, State and County Medical Societies.  Office and residence, 970 Park Av.

     Dr. F. L. Nisbet, born in Mercer Co., was graduated from Thiel College of Greenville, Pa. 1884, and from the University of New York City, 1887, locating for the general practice of med-[page 63]icine in Meadville.  He is a member of the American Medical, the State and Crawford Co. medical societies.  Office rooms, 206-7 Crawford Co. Trust Co. Bldg.

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Medical and Sanitary Matters.

     Dr. F. F. Waelde.  Since page 65, about dentists, went to press Meadville has an addition in that line.  F. F. Waelde, born in Ohio, was brought to Meadville in infancy, educated in the H. S. here, graduating D. D. S. from the University of Pittsburgh 1910 and in practice there prior to locating here, May, 1912.  He has well fitted rooms, 305-6 Crawford County Trust Co. building.