Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

Part I:  Directory
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    In 1845 the large township of Fallowfield was divided into Fallowfield East and Fallowfield West, the latter containing 6,629 square acres.  The first settlement of the locality was made in 1797, by Hugh Fletcher.  Hugh Blair came in 1802, and took up 100 acres.  The population of the township in 1870 was 691.  There was a school taught in 1820 on the Wm. Henry farm.  The whole number of schools is now four, with an attendance of 113 pupils, and conducted at an annual expense of about $500.  The borough of Hartstown is situated in the township.
    ADAMSVILLE, in West Fallowfield township, contains one U. P. Church, Rev. T. W. Winter, Pastor, one Covenanter Church, Rev. J. Wiley, Pastor.  It has one Graded school, two general stores, one drug store, two shoe, and three blacksmith shops.