Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography
1876 ATLAS 1

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Township and city references are to the "HISTORY OF THE VILLAGES AND TOWNSHIPS OF CRAWFORD COUNTY."; page references are to "PERSONAL SKETCHES OF PROMINENT MEN AND PIONEERS."  Only the latter link to the first place on the page that the name appears.

—, Black Francis Troy Twp.

ABBOTT, Thomas Greenwood Twp.

ADAMS, George Greenwood Twp.; John East Fairfield Twp.; Robert Greenwood Twp.


AKIN, Aaron Sparta Twp.; Andrew Sparta Twp.; Lawton Sparta Twp.

ALCORN, William Oil Creek Twp.

ALDEN, (Maj.) Woodcock Twp.; Roger Meadville

ALFRED, Oliver Randolph Twp.

ALLANTON, Mary East Fairfield Twp.

ALLEN, James D. Wayne Twp.; Joseph Pine Twp.

ALLERTON, see ALLANTON East Fairfield Twp.

ALSDURF, Horace Sparta Twp.

AMES, Amos Cambridge Twp.

ANDERSON, Alexander Cambridge Twp.; James Cambridge Twp.; Lydia Cambridge Twp.; Samuel Greenwoood Twp.

ANDREWS, Hugh West Fallowfield Twp.; John East Fallowfield Twp.

APPLE, (Mr.) Woodcock Twp.

ATKINSON, Thomas Spring Twp., Meadville

BAILOR, Jacob Hayfield Twp.

BAILY, (Mr.) South Shenango Twp.

BAIRD, Joseph Mead Twp.

BALDWIN, Isaac Richmond Twp.

BARACKMAN, Samuel North Shenango Twp.

BARLOW, (Judge) Sparta Twp., Sadsbury Twp.

BARRETT, Whately Summit Twp.

BATES, (Dr.) East Fairfield Twp.

BATTLES, Beriah Mead Twp.

BAUGHER, Henry Cambridge Twp.

BEAN, Henry Wayne Twp.

BEARFIELD, Benjamin Summerhill Twp.

BEATTY, Henry B. Summerhill Twp.

BEMERS, (Dr.) Beaver Twp.

BEMUS, (Dr.) Fairfield Twp.; Daniel Randolph Twp.

BENNETT, Anthony North Shenango Twp.; Henry North Shenango Twp.; John East Fairfield Twp.; Robert South Shenango Twp.; William South Shenango Twp.

Bennett, Warner & Co. Titusville

BENWAY, Peter G. Spring Twp.

BERMENT, Daniel Rome Twp.

BETTS, Andrew West Shenango Twp.; Eliphalet Meadville; Henry West Shenango Twp.; John West Shenango Twp.

BIRCHARD, James Cambridge Twp.

BIRCHFIELD, William Union Twp.

BLACK, William Vernon Twp.

BLAIR, 26¼; Catherine (McMaster) 26¼; Hugh 26¼; Hugh F. 26¼; James 26¼; Jane (Thompson) 26¼; Samuel Woodcock Twp.; Sarah (Fletcher) 26¼

BLAKESLEE, Sparta Twp.; Abraham Sparta Twp.; Elkanah Bloomfield Twp.; Ichabod Sparta Twp.; James Bloomfield Twp.; Reuben Sparta Twp.

BLOOMFIELD, Andrew Bloomfield Twp.; Lewis Bloomfield Twp.; Stephen Bloomfield Twp.

BLYSTONE, Christian VenangoTwp.; Isaac VenangoTwp.

BOLDEN, Daniel Sparta Twp.

BOLDERS, Daniel Sparta Twp.

BOLE, Henry VenangoTwp.; William VenangoTwp.

BOSSARD, John H. Woodcock Twp.

BOYD, John Spring Twp.

BRANNON, Patrick Rome Twp.

BRAWLEY, Mead Twp.; Hugh Wayne Twp.; James Randolph Twp., Wayne Twp.; Mary (Glenn) Randolph Twp.; Mary A. Randolph Twp.; William R. Randolph Twp.

BREESE, Michael Richmond Twp.

BREWER, Oil Creek Twp.

BRIGHT, (Mrs.) Summit Twp.; Henry Summit Twp.; Henry, Sr. Summit Twp.

BRITTON, Andrew Sparta Twp.

BROOKHOUSER/BROOKHOUSES, Hayfield Twp.; Adam Woodcock Twp.; Jacob Woodcock Twp.

BROOKS, Elizabeth (Wright) Fairfield Twp., East Fairfield Twp.; John Fairfield Twp., East Fairfield Twp.; Josiah Spring Twp.; Samuel Conneaut; William Greenwood Twp.

BROWN, Beaver Twp.; Benjamin Summit Twp.; Catherine Summit Twp.; Frederick Summit Twp.; Jesse Rockdale Twp.; John Athens Twp., Richmond Twp., Summit Twp.; Lydia Summit Twp.; Peter Summit Twp.

BRYON, James Bloomfield Twp.

BUCHANON, Fairfield Twp.

BUELL, Ezra West Fallowfield Twp.

BURCHFIELD, James Vernon Twp., Union Twp.

BURNSIDE, William Pine Twp., Mead Twp.

Caddam & Donahue Titusville

CAMPBELL, Thomas VenangoTwp.; William West Fallowfield Twp.

CARE, Joseph Oil Creek Twp.

CARLIN, Daniel Rome Twp.

CARPENTER, Ezra Steuben Twp.

CARR, (Mr.) Vernon Twp.; Thomas North Shenango Twp.

CARROL, Dennis Steuben Twp.

CARROLL, Dennis Steuben Twp.

CATSHALL, Phillip Randolph Twp.

CHAMBERLAIN, John Cussewago Twp.

CHAMBERLIN, John 26½; John, Jr. 26½

CHASE, (Rev.) Rome Twp.; Amos Oil Creek Twp.; Joseph S. Oil Creek Twp.; Salmon P. Oil Creek Twp.; Timothy Sparta Twp.

CHITISTER, Ephraim Summit Twp.

CLAPP, Ralph Steuben Twp.

CLARK, (Judge) 26½; Albion Rome Twp.; Alexander Greenwood Twp.; Elizabeth Summit Twp.; Ira Richmond Twp.; Joseph Richmond Twp.; Nathaniel Woodcock Twp.; Sarah Cambridge Twp.; Clark, Magaw & Shyrack Beaver Twp.

CLAWSON, John Cussewago Twp.

CLENCY, Lawrence Meadville

CLYDE, John South Shenango Twp.

COCHRAN, East Fairfield Twp.; James Wayne Twp., East Fairfield Twp.; Joseph East Fairfield Twp.; Thomas East Fairfield Twp.

COIL, Steuben Twp.; Hugh Sparta Twp.; Patrick Rome Twp.

COLE, Conrad Hayfield Twp.

COLLINS, Elijah North Shenango Twp.; Henry North Shenango Twp.; Isaac North Shenango Twp.

COLT, Jabez Pine Twp., Meadville

COLTER, Robert VenangoTwp.; Thomas VenangoTwp.

COLWELL, H. R. Rockdale Twp.

COMPTON, David Meadville

CONRAD, N. Meadville

COOK, Henry Summit Twp.

COTTON, 26¼; Henry 26¼; Henry S. 26¼; John 26¼; John, Jr. 26¼; M. E. (­)(Martzell) 26¼; Margaret 26¼, 26¼; Martha 26¼; May (McKay) 26¼; May (McMaster) 26¼; Nancy Jane 26¼

COYLE, Roger Rome Twp.

CRAVEN, Sadsbury Twp.

CROUCH, Walter Sparta Twp.

CROZIER, Mary (Fisher) Beaver Twp.; William Beaver Twp., Spring Twp.

CULLOM, East Fairfield Twp.

CUMMINGS, Charles T. Cambridge Twp.; Cyrus T. West Fallowfield Twp.; Isaac A. Athens Twp.; Joseph T. Sadsbury Twp.

CUNNINGHAM, Bloomfield Twp.; Martin Pine Twp.

CURTIS, Edwin Sparta Twp.

CUSTARD, Union Twp.; Richard Greenwood Twp.

CUTSHALL, see CATSHALL Randolph Twp.

DANIEL, Elizabeth Cambridge Twp.

DANIELS, Amos Randolph Twp.

DAVENPORT, J. A. Summerhill Twp.

DAVID, Jonathan G. Woodcock Twp.; Owen Cussewago Twp.

DAVIS, Charles West Shenango Twp.; Gabriel Vernon Twp.; James Vernon Twp., South Shenango Twp.; Patrick Meadville, North Shenango Twp.

DEAN, William East Fairfield Twp.

DeFRANCE, James Mead Twp.

DELAMATER, Richmond Twp.; Fayette Richmond Twp.; Thomas Richmond Twp.

DIBBLE, Richard Spring Twp.

DICK, John Meadville; William Meadville

DICKSON, George Summerhill Twp.; James Woodcock Twp., Hayfield Twp., Mead Twp.; Joseph Hayfield Twp., Fairfield Twp.; Margaret Fairfield Twp.; William Hayfield Twp.

DIPPLE, Daniel East Fallowfield Twp.

DIXON, Elizabeth 26¼

DOCTOR, Leonard Cambridge Twp.

DONOHUE, John Cussewago Twp.

DOUGLAS, John Summerhill Twp.

DOUGLASS, James Meadville, Fairfield Twp.

DOWLHOTT, Solomon South Shenango Twp.

DRAKE, Athens Twp.

DUNN, Hayfield Twp.; Alexander Fairfield Twp.; James Hayfield Twp.; Patrick Fairfield Twp.

DURHAM, James Cambridge Twp.; Richard Beaver Twp.


EATON, Horace Sparta Twp.

EDSON, Jonah Athens Twp.

ELSON, Tunis Union Twp.

ELSWORTH, Elizabeth Wayne Twp.

ERWIN, Robert Cussewago Twp.

ESPY, George North Shenango Twp.; Patrick North Shenango Twp.

EVANS, Abner Sadsbury Twp.; Walter East Fairfield Twp.

FARRELLY, Patrick Meadville

FAUNCE, P. Troy Twp.

FERRILL, Fairfield Twp.

FERRY, James Wayne Twp.

FETTERMAN, James Summerhill Twp.

FIELDS, John Bloomfield Twp.

FISHER, Beaver Twp., Spring Twp.; Mary Beaver Twp.; Stephen Conneaut

FitzPATRICK, Hugh Sparta Twp.; Patrick Sparta Twp.

FLETCHER, Hugh South Shenango Twp., West Fallowfield Twp.; Mary 26¼; Polly South Shenango Twp.; Sarah South Shenango Twp., 26¼

FLINT, Russell Richmond Twp.

FORBETT, Mead Twp.

FOREMAN, James Richmond Twp., Randolph Twp.

FORGY, Franklin East Fairfield Twp.

FOSTER, Spring Twp.; A. W. Meadville; George Beaver Twp.; George D. Spring Twp.; Polly Spring Twp.; Rebecca (Lumison) Spring Twp.; Robert Beaver Twp., Spring Twp.; Thomas Spring Twp.; William Beaver Twp., Spring Twp., Hayfield Twp., Sadsbury Twp.

FOUST, Adam Summit Twp.; Michael Summit Twp.

FOWLER, Benjamin Rockdale Twp.

FRAME, Thomas East Fallowfield Twp.

FRAZER, Roderick Hayfield Twp.

FREDEBAUGH, John Vernon Twp.

FREE, Lina 26½

FREEMAN, Asa VenangoTwp.

FRENCH, Robert West Shenango Twp.

FREY, Henry Conneaut

FULLERTON, Thomas Cambridge Twp.

FULTON, William Oil Creek Twp.

GALLAGHER, Arabella (Milligan) 26½; Elizabeth 26½; James 26½; Jane 26½; John 26½, South Shenango Twp.; John, Jr. 26½; Sarah 26½

GAMBLE, (Dr.) William 26¼

GARBER, John Meadville

GARWOOD, Joseph Summit Twp.; Obed Conneaut; Samuel Conneaut

GATES, Beaver Twp.

GEHR, Summit Twp.; Adam Summit Twp.; Baltzer Summit Twp.; David Summit Twp.; Jacob Summit Twp.; Joseph Summit Twp.; Samuel Summit Twp.

Gehr & Brown, Summit Twp.

GIBSON, Andrew East Fairfield Twp.; James Meadville; John Oil Creek Twp.; William Oil Creek Twp.

GILBERT, Moses Randolph Twp.

GILL, Vernon Twp.; William Hayfield Twp.

GILLILAND, (Mr.) Conneaut

GLEASON, Sparta Twp.

GLENN, Mary Randolph Twp.; Samuel Pine Twp.

GRAHAM, Robert Pine Twp.

GREELY, Michael Cussewago Twp.

GREEN, Warren Richmond Twp.

GREENLEE, John Woodcock Twp.; William Woodcock Twp.

GREGG, William Vernon Twp.

GRIER, John G. Summit Twp.

GRIMES, John South Shenango Twp.

GRISWALD, Beaver Twp.; Elind Beaver Twp.; Lester Beaver Twp.

GROOM, (Mrs.) Sparta Twp.

GROSS, VenangoTwp.

GUY, Jacob Randolph Twp.; Mary H. Randolph Twp.

HACKNEY, Joseph Mead Twp., Meadville; Margaret (McGrady) Mead Twp.

HADSELL, Henry Spring Twp.

HALL, Spring Twp.; Leonard Randolph Twp.

HAMILTON, James Bloomfield Twp., Meadville

HAMMON, Daniel Union Twp.

HAMMOND, Hiram Summerhill Twp.; Hugh Summerhill Twp.

HANCOCK, N. Fairfield Twp.

HANNA, Steuben Twp.

HARNED, Nathan Randolph Twp.

HARRIET, Wayne Twp.; James East Fairfield Twp.

HARRISON, Beaver Twp.; Benjamin, Sr. Rome Twp.

HART, West Fallowfield Twp.; James West Fallowfield Twp.; William West Fallowfield Twp.

HARTER, Athens Twp.

HARVEY, Robert East Fairfield Twp.

HATTON, (Rev.) Richmond Twp.; Edward West Shenango Twp., South Shenango Twp.; Leonard West Shenango Twp.

HAY, Thomas Vernon Twp.

HAYES, John Rockdale Twp.

HAYS, Fairfield Twp.; John Rockdale Twp.

HAZEN, Eunice 26½

HEATH, Henry Wayne Twp.

HENDERSON, Joseph Oil Creek Twp.

HENRY, (Squire), Jr. West Fallowfield Twp.; Alexander 26¼; Nancy (Rankin) West Fallowfield Twp.; Polly (Rhodes) 26¼; Samuel 26¼; Sarah (Hunnell) 26¼; William West Fallowfield Twp.

HERRINGTON, East Fairfield Twp.; James Fairfield Twp., East Fairfield Twp.

HERRIOTT, Sidney North Shenango Twp.

HERRIOTTS, James Meadville

HICKERNELL, Frederick Hayfield Twp.

HICKS, Edward Cambridge Twp.

HIGGINS, Moses Sparta Twp.

HILL, Mead Twp.; Archibald Fairfield Twp.; C. D. Rome Twp.; William Conneaut

HITES, Jacob Cussewago Twp.

HOBBS, Samuel Mead Twp.

HOGELBERGER, Jacob VenangoTwp.

Holland Company, Beaver Twp.


HOLMES, Wayne Twp.

HOLTON, Daniel Union Twp.

HOOKER, Robert C. Woodcock Twp.

HOTCHKISS, Esther (­) 26¼; Henry 26¼; S. B. 26¼

HUBER, (Mr.) Union Twp.


HUIDEKOPER, Edgar Vernon Twp.; H. J. Vernon Twp., Meadville

HULBERT, Horace Richmond Twp.

HULING, Fairfield Twp.

HULINGS, John Fairfield Twp.

HULL, Hollis Richmond Twp.

HUMES, Archibald Cambridge Twp., Woodcock Twp.; David Cambridge Twp.; James Woodcock Twp.; Robert Cambridge Twp.

HUNNELL, Sarah 26¼

HUNT, Daniel Richmond Twp.; David Richmond Twp.; Ebenezer Richmond Twp.; Lydia Richmond Twp.; Sarah Richmond Twp.

HUNTER, J. W. Meadville; James Mead Twp.

HURST, Henry Meadville

JACKSON, Spring Twp.; Abraham East Fallowfield Twp.; John Titusville

JARVIS, Rockdale Twp.

JENKS, Ark. Beaver Twp.

JOHNSON, Alexander Conneaut, Randolph Twp.; Elizabeth (Elsworth) Wayne Twp.; Ephraim Sadsbury Twp.; Squire Wayne Twp.

JONES, Chester Richmond Twp.; Lyman Steuben Twp.; Nathaniel Summit Twp.; William Hayfield Twp.

KANE, Dennis Randolph Twp.

KELLY, Hannah Cambridge Twp.; Isaac Cambridge Twp., Rockdale Twp.

KENNEDY, (Dr.) Hayfield Twp., Randolph Twp., Fairfield Twp.; F. R. Meadville

KEPLER, Jacob VenangoTwp.

KEPTLER, Jacob Woodcock Twp.

KERR, Andrew Oil Creek Twp.; James Oil Creek Twp.; Samuel Oil Creek Twp.

KEYES, Peter Troy Twp.

KIGHTLINGER, (Mrs.) East Fairfield Twp.; Abraham Sparta Twp.; Abram Fairfield Twp.

KING, Joseph Rockdale Twp.; William Athens Twp.; — (Hays) Rockdale Twp.

KINGSLEY, (Col.) Steuben Twp.

KINNEY, Peter Mead Twp.

KINSLEY, H. Union Twp.

KIRK, Joseph Bloomfield Twp.

KLECKNER, John VenangoTwp.

KNOX, (Mrs. Summit Twp.

LACKEY, Eunice (Hazen) 26½; Henry 26½

LA FEVRE, West Fallowfield Twp.

LAFFERTY, James Rome Twp.

LAMB, Harvey Sparta Twp.

LANGLEY, John Cambridge Twp.

LA PORT, (Mr.) 26½

LARKINS, Beaver Twp.

LASHER, John VenangoTwp.

LATTA, William Conneaut

LEE, Steuben Twp.

LEECH, John Union Twp.

LeFEVRE, Jacob Summerhill Twp.; Samuel Cussewago Twp.

LEFFENWELL, Sadsbury Twp.

LEWIS, Grove Cussewago Twp.; William South Shenango Twp.

LINCOLN, Seth Bloomfield Twp.

LINE, Amos Pine Twp.; Joseph Pine Twp.; Rachel V. Pine Twp.; Smith Pine Twp.

LOGAN, David 26½; Lina (Free) 26½; Samuel J. 26½

LOGUE, Hugh Hayfield Twp.; Robert VenangoTwp.

LONG, George Woodcock Twp.; James Woodcock Twp.

LORD, G. M. Richmond Twp.; Gould M. Richmond Twp.; Moses Pine Twp.

LOUGHEY, Thomas West Shenango Twp.

LUCE, Nathaniel Conneaut

LUMISON, Rebecca Spring Twp.

LUPER, Jacob Summit Twp.; John East Fairfield Twp.; Mary (Allanton) East Fairfield Twp.

LUSE, James Troy Twp.; Robert A. Troy Twp.

LYNCH, John Fairfield Twp.

LYON, Jasper Richmond Twp.; May J. Richmond Twp.

Note:  "Mc" is indexed as "MAC"

McARTHUR, William South Shenango Twp.

McBRIDE, Bartholomew Cussewago Twp.; Daniel Rome Twp.; Patrick Cussewago Twp.

McCALMONT, Ann (Wilson) 26¼; Elizabeth (Snyder) 26¼; Henry 26¼; Thomas W. 26¼

McCLELLAN, West Fallowfield Twp.; George West Fallowfield Twp.; Thomas West Fallowfield Twp.

McCLEVE, James Summit Twp.; John Summit Twp.

McCLURE, James Summit Twp.; John Summit Twp., Sadsbury Twp.; see McCLEVE Summit Twp.

McCOMAHEY, Robert South Shenango Twp.

McCORMICK, Fairfield Twp.

McCORMMICK, Barney Fairfield Twp.

McCOY, William R. Spring Twp.

McCULLOPH, Hugh Rockdale Twp.; Patrick Rockdale Twp.; McCUNE Wayne Twp.

McDANIELS, Francis Wayne Twp.; William Summerhill Twp.

McDILL, James Mead Twp.; see MEDILL Wayne Twp.

McDOWELL, Alexander Summerhill Twp.; James Summerhill Twp.; James, Jr. Summerhill Twp.; Jane Summerhill Twp.; John Summerhill Twp.; Margaret (Nelson) Summerhill Twp.

McENTIRE, 26¼; Drusilla (Mason) 26¼; Elizabeth (Dixon) 26¼; Elizabeth (Thomas) 26¼; James 26¼; James, Jr. 26¼; John East Fallowfield Twp., 26¼; John Wesley 26¼; Mary (Fletcher) 26¼

McFADDEN, Alexander Randolph Twp.; John Union Twp.; William Summit Twp.

McFARLAND, John Meadville

McFARN, John West Fallowfield Twp.

McGILL, Arthur Woodcock Twp.; Patrick Woodcock Twp.

McGINNIS, James Steuben Twp.

McGRADY, Margaret Mead Twp.

McGUIRE, Francis Spring Twp.; Philip Beaver Twp.

McGUNNIGLE, George Meadville

McINTYRE, John Oil Creek Twp.

McKEE, David North Shenango Twp.; Samuel Spring Twp.

McKENZIE, John Troy Twp.

McLANAHAN, Thomas West Fallowfield Twp.

McLAUGHLIN, William Spring Twp.

McLEAN, Daniel Fairfield Twp., South Shenango Twp.

McMASTER, Catherine 26¼; May 26¼

McMICHAEL, John Greenwood Twp.; Thomas East Fallowfield Twp.

McMOULTRIE, Joseph Summit Twp.

McMULLEN, (Rev.) Pine Twp.; George Conneaut

McTIER, John Cussewago Twp., Summerhill Twp.

McWILLIAMS, Sparta Twp.

McWilliams & Emerson, Sparta Twp.

MAGAW, Samuel B. Meadville

MAGEE, Francis Rome Twp.; Patrick Rome Twp.

MAGOFFIN, Hayfield Twp.

MAGUIRE, Francis Summerhill Twp.

MARLEY, Henry East Fairfield Twp.; James G. East Fairfield Twp.

MARSH, John Fairfield Twp.

MARSHALL, John South Shenango Twp.; Michael South Shenango Twp.

MARTIN, Abraham Greenwood Twp.; James Conneaut; Ralph Meadville; Robert Conneaut


MASHWORTH, (Mrs.) Sadsbury Twp.

MASON, David Hayfield Twp.; Drusilla 26¼; George Hayfield Twp.; Isaac Hayfield Twp.

MASONFOSTER, Hayfield Twp.

MASTER, Charles Pine Twp.

MATHEWS, John Woodcock Twp.

MATTHEWS, John Steuben Twp.

MAY, John Summerhill Twp.

MEAD, Vernon Twp.; David Vernon Twp., Meadville; Horatio N. Pine Twp.; John Vernon Twp.

MEDILL, Hugh Wayne Twp.; John Wayne Twp.

MERCHANT, (Mr.) Sparta Twp.

MERRICK, Rome Twp.

MERRYMAN, G. Fairfield Twp.

MILES, Richmond Twp.

MILLER, Barbara Cambridge Twp.; Christina Cambridge Twp.; Daniel Rockdale Twp.; George Cambridge Twp., Rockdale Twp., Richmond Twp.; Isaac Rockdale Twp.

MILLIGAN, Arabella 26½

MINNISS, John Fairfield Twp.; Sarah Fairfield Twp.

MITCHELL, Nathan Rockdale Twp.; Thomas Oil Creek Twp.

MONROE, Joshua Woodcock Twp.

MOORE, James Woodcock Twp.; Margaret 26½

MORGAN, George H. 26½

MORSE, Richmond Twp.; E. West Shenango Twp.

MULLIAN, John South Shenango Twp.

MUMFORD, (Mr.) Union Twp.; Aaron W. Fairfield Twp., 26¼; Abigail Union Twp.; Catherine (­) 26¼; David Union Twp.; James Fairfield Twp., 26¼; Margaret Union Twp.; Margaret (Moore) 26½


MYERS, Daniel Summerhill Twp.

NEILD, Beaver Twp.

NELSON, Spring Twp.; (Mrs.) Fairfield Twp.; James Fairfield Twp.; John Spring Twp.; Margaret Summerhill Twp.

NEVINS, John South Shenango Twp.

NEWHAUSER, Adam Woodcock Twp.

NEWTON, Edmond C. Troy Twp.

NOURSE, Florrella 26¼; William 26¼

ORR, James Spring Twp.

OWRY, Adam West Fallowfield Twp.; John West Fallowfield Twp.; Martha Hayfield Twp.

PADEN, Isaac Conneaut

PARR, John Conneaut

PATTERSON, (Mrs.) Pine Twp.; (Rev.) Steuben Twp.; James Spring Twp.; Joseph Meadville; Samuel Conneaut

PATTON, Joseph Rome Twp.; Phoebe Sparta Twp.

PECK, Charles Rome Twp.

PEIFFER, George Woodcock Twp.; Michael VenangoTwp.

PERKINS, (Dr.) Cambridge Twp.; Daniel Meadville

PERSONS, H. D. Cambridge Twp.

PETERS, Simon Rome Twp.

PETERSON, Union Twp.

PHILLIPS, Annanias Richmond Twp.; Jonathan Union Twp.


PLATT, Spring Twp.

PLYMAT, William Beaver Twp.

POLLOCK, James North Shenango Twp.

POND, Spring Twp.; Hiram Spring Twp.

PORTER, East Fairfield Twp.; Francis Greenwood Twp.

Porter, Moreland & Co., Titusville

POST Steuben Twp.; Samuel Rome Twp.

POTTER, Samuel Conneaut; Thomas Cussewago Twp.

POWELL, Isaac East Fairfield Twp.; Thomas East Fairfield Twp.

POWER, (Mr.) Spring Twp.; Alexander Spring Twp.; William South Shenango Twp.

POWERS, Fairfield Twp.; Hiram Union Twp.; Samuel Fairfield Twp.; Theodore Union Twp.

PRIEST, Rockdale Twp.

QUAY, John VenangoTwp.; Samuel VenangoTwp.

RADLE, Michael Randolph Twp.

RAGLE, Michael Richmond Twp.

RALSTON, John West Shenango Twp.

RAMSEY, Samuel Spring Twp.

RANKIN, Nancy West Fallowfield Twp.; Thomas Conneaut; William Conneaut

RATHBUN, Elihu VenangoTwp.

REBERT, Peter Union Twp.

RECORD, Sadsbury Twp.; William Wayne Twp.

REED, J. H. Titusville; James North Shenango Twp.; William North Shenango Twp.

REES, Jacob Wayne Twp.

REID, Lotan Beaver Twp.

REYNOLDS, John Sparta Twp.; William Meadville

RHODES, Polly 26¼

RICARD, Henry Hayfield Twp.

RICE, S. T. Woodcock Twp.; Samuel Bloomfield Twp.; Thomas Woodcock Twp.

RICH, Charles Spring Twp.

RICHARDS, H. Meadville

RIDGWAY, Charles Oil Creek Twp.

RIGDON, Thomas Cambridge Twp.

RISHEL, Jacob Troy Twp.

ROBERTS, (Bishop) East Fairfield Twp.

ROBINSON, William Oil Creek Twp.

ROBISON, (Mrs.) Margaret Pine Twp.

ROCKWELL, H. N. Cambridge Twp.

ROGERS, Samuel West Fallowfield Twp.; Thomas West Fallowfield Twp.

ROOT, Daniel Cambridge Twp.; Elisha Athens Twp.; Sylvester Cambridge Twp.

ROSS, Justus Spring Twp.

ROWELL, James Conneaut

ROYAL, Elizabeth (White) West Shenango Twp.; Francis West Shenango Twp.; Peter West Shenango Twp.

ROYER, George Sadsbury Twp.; Jacob Sadsbury Twp.; Peter Sadsbury Twp.

RUDD, Triford Summerhill Twp.

RUST, Henry Woodcock Twp.

RYAN, Edward Mead Twp.; John Mead Twp.; Patrick Spring Twp.

SAEGER, Daniel Woodcock Twp.

SANBURN, William Richmond Twp.

SAXTON, Sparta Twp.

SCOTT, J. A. Titusville

SCOWDEN, Theodore Vernon Twp., Union Twp.

SELDEN, George Meadville

SHAFFER, Peter Woodcock Twp.

SHANNON, William Meadville

SHAW, Alexander East Fairfield Twp.; Peter East Fairfield Twp.

SHEARER, Woodcock Twp.; John Cambridge Twp.

SHEFFIELDS, (Capt.) Oil Creek Twp.

SHERMAN, Anson Sadsbury Twp.

SHERRED, Michael Cambridge Twp.

SHERRETS, Jacob VenangoTwp.

SHERWOOD, B. M. Cambridge Twp.

SHOTWELL, (Dr.) Sadsbury Twp.; William Conneaut

SHREVE, Bargillar Bloomfield Twp.; Cyrus 26¼; Florrella (Nourse) 26¼; Israel 26¼; Milton W. 26¼; Owen M. 26¼; Richard Bloomfield Twp.; William Bloomfield Twp.

SHRYACK, Vernon Twp.


SINCLAIR, James Cambridge Twp.; Samuel Troy Twp.

SIVERLING, Christopher VenangoTwp.; Daniel VenangoTwp.

SKELTON, James VenangoTwp.

SLOAN, Carson Summit Twp.

SMITH, Athens Twp., Summit Twp.; James Union Twp.; John Summit Twp.; Peter Greenwood Twp.; Thomas East Fallowfield Twp.

SMOCK, Cornelius Union Twp.; Leonard Union Twp.

SNODGRASS, B. West Shenango Twp.

SNYDER, Elizabeth 26¼

STANBROOK, Jacob Mead Twp.

STEEL, Samuel Summerhill Twp.

STEEN, (Dr.) West Fallowfield Twp.

STEIN, Francis Union Twp.

STERLING, John Summerhill Twp.; Washington Summerhill Twp.; William B. Sparta Twp.

STETT, William Union Twp.

STEUBEN, (Baron) Steuben Twp.

STEWART, Adam Sadsbury Twp.; Daniel Richmond Twp.; David H. Richmond Twp.; Lydia (Hunt) Richmond Twp.

STOCKTON, Joseph Sadsbury Twp.

STOKES, John VenangoTwp.

STORY, Robert South Shenango Twp.

STRATTON, S. C. Pine Twp.

STRAW, Philip VenangoTwp.

STURDEVANT, Salmon N. Bloomfield Twp.

SUTTON, John Greenwood Twp.

SWARTZ, Summit Twp.

SWEENEY, Alexander Cussewago Twp.; John Cussewago Twp.

SWIFT, Dean Richmond Twp.; John Vernon Twp.

TARR, VenangoTwp.

TAYLOR, (Dr.) Fairfield Twp.; John Bloomfield Twp.; Sarah (—) (Minniss) Fairfield Twp.; Silas Athens Twp.; Sylvester Sparta Twp.

TEMPLE, Robert Spring Twp.

THATCHER, Jonathan Union Twp.; Joseph Union Twp., Greenwood Twp.

THAYER, Isaac Spring Twp.; Zeph Pine Twp.

THICKSTAN, Lewis Cussewago Twp.

THOMAS, Elizabeth 26¼

THOMPSON, Beaver Twp., Spring Twp.; James South Shenango Twp.; Jane 26¼; John Oil Creek Twp.; John P. Summerhill Twp.; Samuel Spring Twp.

THORP, Steuben Twp.

THURSTON, David Mead Twp.

TINNY, Miles Cussewago Twp.

TITUS, Mead Twp.; Daniel Oil Creek Twp.; John M. Oil Creek Twp.; Jonathan Oil Creek Twp.; Peter Oil Creek Twp.

TORRY, VenangoTwp.

TOWN, Noah Steuben Twp.

TOWNLEY, Robert Richmond Twp.

TRACE, George Summit Twp.; John Summit Twp.

TRYON, David Steuben Twp.; James Steuben Twp.

TURNER, West Shenango Twp.; Marcus Sparta Twp.

VAN CROZIER, Beaver Twp.

VanHOLLEN, Sparta Twp.

VanHORN, Cornelius Vernon Twp.

VAUGH, Spring Twp.

VROOMAN, James J. Rome Twp.

WAID, Warner Randolph Twp.; William Randolph Twp.

WALP, ­ (Lackey) 26½

WALTERS, Solomon VenangoTwp.

WASHINGTON, (Pres.) Meadville

WATERS, John Fairfield Twp.

WATSON, Oil Creek Twp.

WAYNE, (Gen.) VenangoTwp.

WEED, Isaac Oil Creek Twp.

WENTWORTH, John East Fairfield Twp.

WEST, William Cambridge Twp.

WESTON, James Cambridge Twp.

WHEELER, Abraham Athens Twp.

WHEELING, (Mr.) Wayne Twp.

WHEELOCK, Jesse Richmond Twp.

WHITE, Sparta Twp.; B. Meadville; Elizabeth West Shenango Twp.; George Sparta Twp.

WHITMAN, John East Fairfield Twp.

WILLIAMS, Abraham Union Twp.; Asher Greenwood Twp.; John Union Twp.; Margaret (Mumford) Union Twp.; William Mead Twp., Greenwood Twp.

WILLIAMSON, Matthew Sadsbury Twp.; Samuel Sadsbury Twp.

WILSON, Matthew Union Twp.

WINDERS, James Bloomfield Twp.

WINGER, John Summerhill Twp.; Michael Summerhill Twp.

WINSTON, Daniel Richmond Twp.; Horatio Richmond Twp.; Lucas Richmond Twp.

WINTER, David Rome Twp.

WINTON, Samuel Rome Twp.

WISE, William Woodcock Twp.

WOLFORD, John East Fairfield Twp.

WOOD, (Dr.) Summerhill Twp.; B. B. Spring Twp.; John M. Greenwood Twp.; Lorin Rome Twp.

Wood, J. W. and Co. Beaver Twp.

WOODRUFF, Spring Twp.

WOOSTER, Henry Rome Twp.

WORK, Andrew Meadville

WRIGHT, Athens Twp.; Aaron Fairfield Twp.; Elizabeth Fairfield Twp., East Fairfield Twp.; Joseph North Shenango Twp.

WYKOFF, John Woodcock Twp.; William Woodcock Twp.

YARRICK, David Woodcock Twp.

YOKES, Jeremiah West Shenango Twp.

ZIMMERMAN, Henry Woodcock

1 Combination Atlas Map of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, Compiled, Drawn and Published From Personal Examinations and Surveys (Philadephia: Everts, Ensign & Everts, 1876).