Crawford County, Pennsylvania


    The following is the only change of name suit discovered in the civil court records of Crawford County from the nineteenth century1 (see also Statutory Name Changes):

Crawford County Court of Common Pleas #57 November Term 1890
(Appearance Docket 118:57)
The petition of GIDEON WELLES FORBS, filed 20 October 1890,
respectfully represents, That he is the son of William and Josephine Forbs, born at North Royalton, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, on May 2, 1871; that when your petitioner was about a year and a half old the said William Forbs deserted his wife, the said Josephine Forbs, and your petitioner, and has never resumed his conjugate and domestic relations, that your petitioner has ever since resided with his mother - at North Royalton aforesaid, until he was about six years old, afterwards at Titusville, Penna., about two years, Cleveland, Ohio, about two years, Warren, Penn., about two years, Titusville, Penn., about one year, Erie, Pennsylvania, about four years, and at Lamore, N. Dakota about two years; that in November 1889, they removed to Titusville, Penna., where your Petitioner now resides and intends to remain and engage in business. Your petitioner further represents that after his father's desertion as above stated, and ever since, he has been known by the name of Gideon Welles Granger although his lawful name is Gideon Welles Forbs, and it is his desire to continue to be known by the name of Granger and to have that for his lawful name. He therefore prays that a decree may be made by this Honorable Court changing his name from Gideon Welles Forbs to Gideon Welles Granger, as provided by law. And he will ever pray etc.
Signed] G. W. Forbs; acknowledged 13 October 1890.  Granted 9 February 1891, name changed to Gideon Welles Granger, notice to be published and proof of publication filed.  Proof of publication filed 6 April 1891.

1 But see also adoptions.