Crawford County, Pennsylvania

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NameBlack Ash Cemetery
Location:  Along the south side of U.S. Rt. 27 at the village of Black Ash, between Twp. Routes 778 and 780.
Size:  About 400 marked graves.
Condition:  Still in use.
1. Adelaide M. Courtney, "Index to Burials in the Black Ash Cemetery" (ts., 1960), 10 pp. including plot map.
2. Mrs. Laddie W. Noel, "Index to Burials in the Black Ash Cemetery" (t.s., 1989), 22 pp. including plot map; includes only year of birth and death (not exact dates].
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NameBrawley Cemetery
Location:  On "Cemetery Road," southwest of the intersection of U.S. Rt. 27 and Leg. Rt. 20086.
Size:  Reportedly contain 68 marked burials.
Condition:  Overgrown. Last marked burial is from 1934.
According to the introduction to Mr. Throop's index, a newspaper article from the 1930s [not further identified] states that the first burial was that of a daughter of James Brawley, and that she died in December 1804 aged five years.
See Meadville Evening Republican, 1 October 1889, page 1, column 1.
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Burial records:  none known.
Allen, Brawley, Daniels, Douglas, Ferry, Perret-Gentit, Haskins, Hoxie, Johnson, Jones, McDill, McFadden, McIlroy, McKay, McKnight, Merwin, Pardee, Pourchot, Spring, Stewart, Welsh, Wentworth.

NameHatch Cemetery
Location:  A short distance north of the village of Guys Mills, along the west side of Rt. 198 (Leg. Rt. 20087).
Size:  About 300 marked graves.
Condition:  Good; iron fence; still in use.
1. Ancinohie Smith Corey and Adelaide M. Courtney, "Index to Burials in the Hatch Cemetery" (ts., 1959), 8 pp. (no plot map).
2. Eugene F. Throop, "Hatch Cemetery" (ts., ca. 1985), 18 pp.
Adams; Ashley, Bailey, Barker, Barrows, Bentley, Bloomfield, Braymer, Britain, Cady, Chamberlain, Collins, Cravens, Crouch, Curtiss, Cutshall, Davison, Dennington, Densmore, Dickson, Emmons, Faunce, Ferguson, Franklin, Gilbert, Green, Griggs, Guy, Hall, Harris, Hatch, Hays, Henry, Holloway, Humeston, Hunt, Keep, Keith, Little, Lupher, McCartney, McConnell, McLachlin, Marshall, Molthrap, Mott, Noble, Owen, Pratt, Reed, Robbins, Sellew, Sikes, Tyler, Utley, Waid, Wilder, Wilson, Wood, Wright.

NameMt. Hope Cemetery
Location:  North of the intersection of U.S. Rt. 27 with Twp. Rt. 173 (& 234), at the hamlet of Mt. Hope.
Size:  Nearly 1000 burials.
Condition:  Still in use.
1. Adelaide M. Courtney, "Index to Burials in the Mt. Hope Cemetery" (ts., 1958, revised 1962), 22 pp., with plot map.
2. Eugene F. Throop, "Mt. Hope Cemetery" (ts., ca. 1994), 43 pp., compiled 1981, with later newspaper additions.
Burial records
Allen, Armburger, Baldwin, Bannister, Beckdol, Beers, Bell, Bennett, Bentley, Berry, Beuchat, Birchard, Blanchard, Bogardus, Boyd, Boyer, Braymer, Bresee, Britton, Bromley, Brown, Bullard, Burchard, Byham, Campbell, Carey, Chaffee, Cheney, Clark, Connell, Conrad, Copeland, Cousins, Cutshall, Daniels, Deily, Dennington, Dennis, Dewey, Dobson, Doutrich, Dupont, Dworshak, Ellion, Emig, Enos, Ester, Evrit, Fagundus, Fairbank, Ferry, Ford, Foster, Foulk, Fowler, Gendron, Geyer, Gibbons, Gibney, Gilbert, Gourley, Graham, Greathouse, Guenon, Hanks, Harry, Haun, Hazen, Henry, Hill, Hindman, Hoffman, Hoke, Hollabaugh, Holton, Houseknecht, Howell, Huber, Hunt, Jacobson, Johnson, Jones, Kahler, Kelley, Kile, King, Kirk, Klipple, Koehler, Kuhns, Lang, LeFever, Lemon, Leonhart, Lopeno, McCleery, McDill, McFadden, McFate, McGowan, McLaughlin, Mailliard, Marsteller, Martin, Marvin, Messerall, Miller, Mills, Mondereau, Monroe, Morrison, Murdoch, Nealson, Oakes, Otto, Pantall, Patterson, Peterson, Rand, Reagle, Reese, Richardson, Rodgers, Rost, Saeger, Saxton, Schweitzer, Scott, Shaffstall, Shank, Sheakley, Shoemaker, Shontz, Shuter, Smail, Smith, Snyder, Spring, Stewart, Stroup, Studer, Sutley, Sweet, Tanner, Teed, Tenney, Theuret, Thompson, Thurston, Vincamp, Walker, Warp, Weir, Wentworth, Wheeler, White, Woodcock, Woolstrum, Wygant, Varnell, Young

NameRadle Cemetery
1. Ancinohie Smith Corey & Adelaide M. Courtney, "Index to Burials in Radle Cemetery" (ts., 1959), 8 pp. including plot map.
Burial records

Name(s)Union Cemetery
Location:  East of Guys Mills, on Twp. Rt. 742.
Size:  About 1000 marked burials.
Condition:  Excellent; still in use.
1. Ancinohie Smith Corey & Adelaide M. Courtney, "Index to Burials in Union Cemetery, Guys Mills, Pa." (ts., 1959), 22 pp. including plot map.
2. Eugene F. Throop, "Union Cemetery" (ts., ca. 1996), 49 pp.
Burial records:  Evidently begin about 1907.