Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Military Affairs

doubtful JOHN GARBER/CARVER, innkeeper {14,16,17}, born March 1742 in Pennsylvania {but see 6}, son of Hans Gerber, Jr. {44}, moved from Paxton Township, Lancaster (later Dauphin) County, Pennsylvania {1-8}, to West Penns¬borough Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, between 1782 and 1790 {8,9}, and to Meadville by 1798 {13,14}, where he died 29 November 1805 in his 64th year, remains removed to Greendale Cemetery {32-34}; married MARY STEINER, born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 25 March 1745, daughter of Rodolphus and Catherine (Baker) Steiner {44}, died at Meadville 26 February 1823 {40}
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  24. CCo. Deeds C-1:15 (agreement between Thomas Rogers and John Garber, dated 21 Feb. 1802 and rec. 30 July 1805, that when Rogers obtained the patent to a tract of land [size not given, but presumably 400 acres] which he had settled, he would convey 100 acres off the southeast corner for $140.21).
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  30. John Carver v. John Wilson, CCo. Ct. CP #54 Feb. Term 1804, App. Dk. 2:109 (D.S.B. [debt], deft.’s atty. confesses judgment to plaintiff on the sum of $82.22 [real debt, $41.11] with interest from 12 April 1804).
  31. CCo. Deeds B-1:426 (deed from Alexander Dunn of Fairfield Twp. to John Garber, dated May 1805 and rec. 31 May 1805, conveying one–half interest in tract of 200 acres 33½ perches in Fairfield Twp. “whereon the said Alexander now resides and whereon he has made an actual settlement and residence from the year [1796],” as Dunn was “indebted to John Carver of Town of Meadville for provisions and necessaries furnished to the said Dunn”).
  32. Crawford Weekly Messenger 4 Dec. 1805, p. 2, col. 2 (“Died—on the 29th ult, after a short but painful sickness, Mr. John Garber, aged 64 years, an old and respectable inhabitant of this town.”).
  33. g.s. [graystone marker], Greendale Cem. (Sacred | to the memory | of | JOHN CARVER | who died 29 Nov. 1805 | in the | 64th year of his age.│ | An honest man is the noblest work of God.).
  34. CCo. Wills A:51 (will of John Garber of the Town of Meadville, dated 24 Nov. 1805 and proved 10 Dec. 1805, names wife Mary, dau. Sarah Wohob, her husband George Wahob, dau. Elizabeth Alden [see CCG 17(1994):4-6], grandson Henry Bosler, and granddau. Julia Bosler; mentions lot in town, out lot on the Island, land now occupied by Alexander Dunn, and 200 acres held under agreement with James Rodgers [see fuller abstract at CCG 3(1980):67]).
  35. Crawford Weekly Messenger 23 Oct. 1806, p. 3, col. 4, and 30 Oct. 1806, p. 4, col. 4 (“Stray Cow. STRAYED from the subscriber living in Meadville on the 20th of September last, a remarkable large, handsome dark brindle cow, with a star on her forehead.–Whoever takes up said cow and brings her home, or gives information where she is shall receive a reward of one dollar.  MARY CARVER | October 23d, 1806.”).
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  41. 1899 CCo. Hist., 246 (Early Settlers of Meadville:  “Between 1794 and 1800 several other pioneers settled in the village; among them were ... John Carver,...”).
  42. Reynolds, In French Creek Valley, 118 (“Among the residents of the village [i.e., Meadville] at the close of 1795 were many whose names were many whose names were afterward identified with enterprises which helped the development and public interest of town and country ... Before the close of the century may be added to these the names of James Gibson, Samuel Torbett, John Carver ...”).
  43. V.A.:  (b. 1741, d. 29 Nov. 1805, bur. Sec. 7 Lot 143, Greendale Cem., Meadville; served as 2nd Lt. in 7 Co. Cumberland Co. Militia 14 May 1778 to 1 Jan. 1781).  Note: One or more men by the name of John Carver did serve with Cumberland County Militia, as shown by the Pa. Arch., 5th Ser., 6:166 (7th Co., 2nd Lieutenant, John Carver, May 14, 1778), 221 (3rd Battalion, Cumberland Co. Militia, Aug. 1780, 6th Co. 6th class, John Carver), 227 (same, 6th Co. 7th class, John Carver).  The Crawford County man, however, was a resident of Lancaster County during the Revolutionary War, and only later moved to Cumberland County.
  44. William B. Moore, “The Descendants of John and Mary Garber, Meadville Pioneers,” CCG 25(Spring/Summer 2002), 56-67 (citing Garber family Bible, transcription in the Bosler file at the library of CCo. Historical Soc.).

possibly OBEDIAH GARWOOD [or Indian Wars?]
  1. 1800 U.S. Census
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  3. CCo. Court of Quarter Sessions Abstracts (unpubl. ms.), #22 Jan. 1804:  Obed Garwood surety for Jacob Paden of Conneaut Twp., yeoman, charged with (but not indicted for) assault with intent to ravish Magey Burns at said twp. 6 Oct. 1803; witnesses were Jacob Gehr, Christian[?] Gehr, Joseph Gehr, Saml. Gehr [not sworn], John Gehr, John Yorty[?], James Smiley, Nimrod Garwood, Matthias Swartz, George Dickson, Jesse Garwood, John McClure, Jonathan Sloan [last seven not shown as sworn]
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  7. V.A.:  bur. Fry Cem., Conneaut Twp.; served as private, Capt. Buchanan's Co. Cumberland Co.

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  5. 1820 U.S. Census
  6. 1833-34 Pa. Law 67 (No. 48 [an act for the relief of James Huston and others, soldiers of the revolutionary war] §2), approved 21 Feb. 1834:  Jacob Gehr of Crawford Co. granted $40 as a gratuity “and in full for their revolutionary services.” [note: no annuity, as in §1]
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  8. DAR Patriot Index, Cen Ed. 1141:  GEER etc. Jacob: b 1732 CT d 1-27-1813 CT m Ann Patten Pvt Ct
  9. V.A.:  served to 1782 as clerk, Capt. Joseph Gehr’s 4th Co. 3rd Battalion Lancaster Co.

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  5. 1845 Pa. Laws 392, 393 (No. 265 Sec. 2):  Joseph Gehr of CCo., one of several soldiers of the Revolutionary war, granted $40 annuity payable half yearly commencing 1 Jan. 1845
  6. V.A.:  served 1777 to 1782 as Captain, Lancaster Militia

WILLIAM GILLETT, born Canaan, Litchfield County, Connecticut 1 February 1758, died 2 March 1838, buried Baker Cemetery, Steuben Township; maried ABIGAIL BISHOP
  1. Pension Abstracts, p. 1354:  GILLET, William, Abigail, W2930, CT & MA Line, sol was b 1 Feb 1758 at Canaan in Litchfield Co CT & sol's mother Mamree Bishop a wid d 12 Mar 1817 in Cortland Co NY aged 82y 12 days, sol enl at Norfolk in Litchfield Co CT & in 1793 moved to Westmoreland in Herkimer Co NY for 1 to 2 yrs then to Madison Co NY & in 1806 moved to Tully in Cortland Co NY & sol appl 9 May 1818 a res of Scott NY in said Co, in Sep 1837 he moved to Crawford Co PA where he d 2 Mar 1838, sol had m Abigail (--) in the fall of 1784 at Norfolk CT & she was b 13 Jun 1762 at Guilford CT, wid appl 5 May 1839 Crawford Co PA a res of Troy Twnshp PA & she d there 5 Oct 1845, children were; Lois b 5 May 1786, Betsey b 21 Nov 1787, Grove b 18 Aug 1789 (these 3 children b in Norfolk CT), Allen b 9 Mar 1793 in Westmoreland NY & he d 29 May 1820, John b 14 Feb 1795, William b 1 Feb 1797 both these children b in Casenovia NY & Wm. d 31 Oct aged 6 yrs 9 mths, Mamre b 26 Sep 1799 at Manlius NY & Samuel B. b 9 Apr 1802 at Casenovia NY the daughter Lois m Jacob Smith of Scott NY, in 1820 sol's granddaughter Betsey Smith aged 12 was living with sol, wid d leaving children; Betsey Hotchkiss, Grvoe [Grove?], John, & Samuel B. Gillet & Mamre Benedict, in 1846 residences of children were; Betsey who m Luck Hotchkiss on 27 Dec 1838, John & Samuel B. Gillett all 3 of Troy Twnshp PA, Grove Gillet of Richmond in Crawford Co PA, Mamre Benedict of Attica of Wyoming Co NY, in 1850 Grove Gillet had moved to Sprinfield [Springfield?] in Clinton Co IA & his sis Mamre Benedict was living in MI in 1850 & was referred to as formerly of Pembroke in Genesee Co NY, in 1844 a Chloe Gillet made aff'dt in Troy Twnshp PA, in 1846 a Samuel Hotchkiss was Clerk of the Court of Cortland Co NY but their relationship to sol or wid not stated
  2. DAR Patriot Index, Cen. Ed., 1164:&nbps; GILLETTE: GILLET, GILLETT William: b 2-1-1758 CT d 3-2-1838 PA m Abigail Bishop Pvt CT MA PNSR WPNS
  3. Higby’s Townville

  1. DAR Patriot Index, Cen. Ed., 1168:  GILSON: GILLISON, GILSTON William.: b 1737 EN d 3-5-1807 PA m Alice Shirley Pvt PA
  2. Jordan’s Western Pa., 1606 ([Gilson family, says Alice Shirley d. 1844 in 96th year, 9 children])
  3. V.A.[?]:  William Gilson, b. 1737, d. 1807, bur. log 43, Gilson Ridge Cem., Oil Creek Twp.; served 1 Oct. 1777 to 1 Nov. 1777 3rd Battalion Cumberland Co. Militia

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  2. 1826-27 Pa. Laws 90, 91 (No. 50 §7, for the relief of sundry soldiers and widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war), approved 7 March 1827:  Samuel Graff of Crawford Co. granted $40 immediately and $40 annuity, payable half yearly during life, commencing 1 Jan. 1827.
  3. 1840 Census of Pensioners, p. 124: Woodcock/Samuel Graff, 82, Samuel Graff
  4. Crawford Democrat 11 July 1848 (obit)
  5. cf. Alsace Emigrants pp. 207-209 (family of Joh. Jacob Graff and wife Maria Eva Herrmann who emigrated on Peggy 1754, known ch. Jacob, Georg, Martin [father of Solomon of Crawford Co.], Maria Eva[; also Eva Catharina bp. by Shumaker 1760 per Roberts])
  6. V.A.[?]:  Samuel Graff, b. 1758, d. 27 June 1848, bur. prob. Woodcock Twp.