Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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     Oil Creek borough is situated on the banks of Oil Creek, three and one-half miles from Titusville, and twenty-five miles from Titusville, and twenty-five miles from Corry.
     The Oil Creek & Allegheny River, and Union & Titusville Railways, pass through the town.  It contains one church, two hotels, one union school, sash and blind factory, circular saw-mill, and lumber mill.  Its inhabitants number about five hundred.  The first settlement was made at this point in 1796, by James Kerr, James Curry, and Peter and Daniel Titus; Jonathan Titus and Samuel Kerr having settled what is now Titusville city a short time previously, each settler claiming, by right of settlement, four hundred acres of land.  The most of the land included in the borough was formerly held by the Titusvillians, either by settlement or purchase, until part of it was transferred, some time after, to Charles Ridgway.  The first sawmill was built by him.
     A large and extensive business is here carried on in lumber.
     The place has the best of water facilities.

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