Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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Myrtle Alley, from North to Poplar streets.
Oak Alley, from Henry street south.
Pear Alley, from Dock street to Torbett Alley.
Plum Alley, from South Alley to North street, between Main and Second.
Pine Alley, from Water to South Main streets.
Rose Alley, from North Main street to Oak Alley.
Steers Alley, from old Channel to East Alley, between North and Walnut streets.
South Alley, from Water street to East Alley.
Torbett Alley, from Water to River streets.
Walnut Alley, from Dock street to Torbett Alley.
West Alley, from Mercer street north.
    MayorJames G. Foster.
    Councilmen.—lst WardA. S. Dickson, B. F. Porter.    2d WardGideon Mosier, Frank Fox.    3d WardW. P. Porter, A. Derst.    4th WardJas. Hazlett, W. H. Smith.
    City SolicitorJohn J. Henderson.
    High Constable and ClerkHenry McCoy.
    TreasurerA. S. Dickson.
    Chief of PoliceDavid H. Boyd.
    City Superintendent of SchoolsCol. W. C. J. Hall.
    President JudgeS. P. Johnson, of Warren Co.
    Additional Law JudqeJ. P. Vincent, of Erie Co.
    Associate JudgesWm. Davis, Jr., Meadville, E. H. Chase, Titusville.
    District AttorneyFrank Ray.
    ProthonotaryW. F. Chalfant.
    Register and RecorderDavid S. Keep.
    SheriffFred C. Peck.
    TreasurerJohn Adams.
    Clerk of the CourtsO. H. Hollister.
    CommissionersJ. Baker, John M. Calvin, James L. Beatty.
    Commissioners’ ClerkB. G. David.
    Keeper of Poor HouseE. O. David.
    County Superintendent of SchoolsH. D. Persons, Cambridgeboro.
    Cussewaqo Engine—Centre street.     Foreman, Henry Oster.
    Rough and Ready Engine—Second street.     Foreman, Ed. Pentz.
    Torrent Engine—North street.     Foreman, George S. Rowland.
    J. D. Gill, (steamer)—City Hall.     Engineer, D. H. Boyd.
    Taylor Hose—R. R. near Depot.     Foreman, H. J. Appleby.
    Hope Hose—City Hall.     Foreman, G. L. Mahoney.
    Keystone Hook and Ladder Co.—City Hall.     Foreman, Thomas R. Cowell.
    Fire Police—City Hall.     Captain, Wm. Gill, Jr.
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