Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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of the most importance in the construction of a public hall, the laws relating to the science of acoustics have been closely observed—a consideration of the greatest moment to every speaker, singer, or actor.  

    It is expected that the Opera House will be completed and in full running order during the month of October, and we may, therefore, look forward to a full and winter brilliantly interspersed with the choicest of amusements and intellectual entertainments.  

    It is proposed to open the establishment, formally, on the 1st of October.  Its cost will exceed $20,000.  


    The Crawford County Mutual Insurance Company was incorporated in 1840.  The business is conducted strictly on the mutual principle, and its unparalleled success has placed it in the front rank of Western Pennsylvania companies, and has demonstrated the fact that well conducted mutual insurance is not only the safest but the cheapest indemnity.  The average assessments required by this Company, to meet all its losses, have been less than three per cent. per annum on its premium notes.  

    Officers.John Dick, President and Treasurer ; G. W. Adams, Secretary.  

    Directors.Hon. John Dick, William Power, Hon. H. C. Johnson, James D. Gill, Hon. William Davis, Jr., A. S. Davis, Esq., James A. Dunn, Rev. J. Hamnett, J. W. Grier, M. D.  

    Agents.F. H. Bemis, Meadville, Pa. ; W. A. McLean, Meadville, Pa. ; Thomas McCleary, New Castle, Pa. ; James McKean, Mercer, Pa. ; W. B. Henry, Greenville, Pa. ; J. H. Culbertson, Venango, Pa. ; W. C. Wygant, Blooming Valley, Pa. ; Robert McPheeters, Cochranton, Pa. ; C. P. Cooper, Conneautville, Pa.  


    This large establishment, located upon the southern border of the city on the line of the railroad, was established December 29, 1868, under the Act of the Legislature of the State, entitled “ An Act relating to Corporations for Mechanical, Manufacturing, Mining, and Quarrying purposes,” approved July 18, 1863, by a company composed chiefly of enterprising

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