Crawford County, Pennsylvania

History & Biography

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period will receive a certificate stating the extent of the course which theyhave pursued.  

    The Library of the Institution consists of about 9,000 volumes, 1,200 of which are Text-Books.  Private Libraries, containing about 5,000 volumes, are also open for the use of students.  

    No charge is made for tuition, or for use of the Library and Text-Books.  

    The present price of board at the table in Divinity Hall is $4.00 per week.  The charge for room-rent, care of room, and gas, is $8.00 for the first and $12.00 for the second term, payable in advance.  Fuel and washing will cost from $20.00 to $25.00 a year.  

    Students who need it, and bring satisfactory testimonials of their need, can receive aid from the Beneficiary Fund.  

    The Faculty of the Instruction consists of Rev. A. A. Livermore, Professor of Theology, Ethics and Old-Testament Literature ; Frederick Huidekoper, Professor of the Ecclesiastical History of the First Three Centuries; Geo. L. Cary, A. M., Professor of New-Testament Literature and Instructor in Philosophy; Rev. George W. Hosmer, D. D., Yellow Springs, O., Professor of Pastoral Care ; Rev. J. C. Zachos, Professor of Sacred Rhetoric and Oratory; Rev. A. D. Mayo, Cincinnati, O., Professor of Church Polity and Administration; and Rev. C. H. Brigham, Ann Arbor, Mich., Professor of Mediæval Ecclesiastical History and Bibical [sic] Archæology.  


    No city in the State can boast of sounder banking institutions than Meadville, whether public or private.  There are four in number, as follows :

    First National Bank, established in 1863.  C. A. Derickson, President; G. Mosier, Cashier.  Capital, $200,000.
    Merchants’ National Bank, established in 1864.  J. McFarland, President; James E. McFarland, Cashier.  Capital, $100,000.
    Meadville Savings Bank, established in 1867.  Cyrus Kitchen, President; S. P. Officer, Cashier.
    Banking Office of J. R. Dick & Co., established in 1853.  (J. R. Dick, S. B. Dick, J. M. Dick).

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