Crawford County, Pennsylvania


    Adoption was unknown to the common law, and introduced into Pennsylvania only in 1855.1  Its primary purpose was probably to provide inheritance rights to those children who were not the legitimate biological issue of their parents.  Previously, unless provisions were made in a valid will, such children could not inherit from their parents, nor from anyone with whom they lived, without a special act of the state legislature.

    The procedure instituted was for the adopting parent or parents to present a petition to the county court.  The 1855 act did not specify which court, and hence petitions can be found in both the orphans’ and common pleas court records.  One adoption, from 1925, was recorded in the land records as a “Deed of Adoption.”

    Following is a list, in chronological order, of all adoption cases filed in Crawford County through mid 1925, after which the records are sealed.  Those with links are summarized in the accompanying abstracts (for the periods 1856-1885, 1886-1895, 1896-1905, 1906-1915, and 1916-1925).  These records are not yet indexed here.

    Generally omitted in the later abstracts are boilerplate phrases, such as “that he will perform all the duties of a parent toward the said minor”; parental consents, however, are usually presented verbatim.  All petitions and affidavits were attested or acknowledged in Crawford County unless otherwise noted.

Case Number Adopting Parent(s) Adoptee(s) Name Assumed
#98 Aug. Term 1859 Aaron Sutton Ruth Sutton Ruth Sutton
#13 Feb. Term 1863 Stephen A. & Thankful F. Nichols Edis Henrietta Metcalf Edis Henrietta Nichols
#8 April Term 1863 Cyrus Hills Eva M. Tryon Eva M. Hills
Orphans’ Court
#22 Feb. Term 1867
John Johnson J. Ann Mickle Frankie Johnson
#32 Feb. Term 1867 LaFayette Edson Harrie Oles Harrie Edson
#66 June Term 1867 F.M. Robinson Williard Sewel Teasdale Williard Seuel Robinson
#209 Sept. Term 1867 Joel N. & Sarah E. Angier Minie Hale Minnie Angier
#33 Jan. Term 1868 M. F. McLean Mary Dornheiffer Mary McLean [vacated]
#9 April Term 1868 William H. Messick Allice Bell Allice Bell Messick
#12 April Term 1868 A. D. White Martha Jane Orton Martha Bell White
#53 June Term 1868 James E. & Catharine Holly Mary Elen Sears Mary Elen Holly
#13 Jan. Term 1869 Oscar D. Haven Eleanor Bertha Wilton Bertha Dunreath Brown Haven
#14 Jan. Term 1869 E. W. Luce Mary Rice Mary Luce
#15 Jan. Term 1869 George Long Hattie Johnson Hattie Long
#102 Jan. Term 1869 John McKelvey Elizabeth Wilson Elizabeth Wilson McKelvey
#35 April Term 1869 E. W. Luce Frank Thompson Frank Thompson Luce
#59 April Term 1869 Hugh C. McClintock Emma Bird Curry Emma Bird McClintock
#62 Sept. Term 1869 George Hower Anna Maria Messenger Anna Maria Hower
#105 Sept. Term 1869 Charles E. & Jennie Tracy Katie Cassie Palmer Katie Cassie Tracy
#31 Jan. Term 1870 John & C./Kety A. Mooney Ida Orn Ida Orn Mooney
#118 Jan. Term 1870 Charles H Stopp Hugh Doutt Hugh Doutt Stopp
#134 April Term 1871 John D. Bates Ina Viola — Ina Viola Bates
#16 Nov. Term 1871 Joseph Hembry Joseph, child of Wm. Clay Joseph Hembry
#17 Nov. Term 1871 Mark Murphy Mary — Mary Murphy
#12 Jan. Term 1872 Nahum R. & Sarah A. Goldin Jennie May Ames Jennie May Goldin
#39 April Term 1872 Samuel Peterson Hattie Nickerson Hattie Peterson
#210 April Term 1872 Wm. W. & Louise K. Bloss Independence Foley Violet Bloss
#70 Aug. Term 1872 James B. & Angeline A. Pastorius John Swift Dorsey Pastorious
#151 Aug. Term 1872 Joel & Harriet E. Hites John William Peterson John William Hites
#25 Jan. Term 1873 Adrian A. & Arethusa F. Burrows Harriet May Compton Eva Arethusa Burrows
#211 April Term 1873 James & Mary Flynn Frank Grant Klingensmith Frank Grant Flynn
#66 Nov. Term 1873 Peter Schaeffer Francis Hope Francis Shaffer [Schaeffer]
#85 Nov. Term 1873 John D. Bates Minnie Betsy Boyle Minnie Betsy Bates
#102 Jan. Term 1874 J. N. & M. A. Kerr John Atwell John Atwell Kerr
#42 April Term 1874 John & Margaret Wormald Sarah E. Crider Sarah E. Wormald
#128 April Term 1874 Jason T. [& Louie S.] Waid Jason Edgar Winton Jason Edgar Waid
#139 Nov. Term 1874 Charles M. [& Ellen] Johnson Edith E. Dunlap Edith E. Johnson
#25 April Term 1875 Joseph Gerlach Emma Geckel Emma Gerlach
#113 Aug. Term 1875 James E. & Elvira N. Davison Charles H and Flora A Seeley Charles H and Flora A Davison
#65 Jan. Term 1877 Homer M. Sackett Jesse Lee — Jesse Lee Sackett
#75 Jan. Term 1877 Henry W. Gross William Henry Martin William Henry Gross
#192 April Term 1877 W. F. & Ann M. McLean Edward Oakley Edward Oakley McLean
#106 Aug. Term 1877 John Wesley Baker Maggie E. Pettegrew Maggie E. Baker
#55 Jan. Term 1878 C. A. Lowrey Lutie W. Cobb Lutie W. Lowrey
#89 Nov. Term 1878 John Scheck Henry Harley Wilkinson Henry Harley Scheck
#90 Nov. Term 1878 Thomas Robinson Emma Wilkinson Emma Robinson
#145 Feb. Term 1879 Henry Foust male child, parents unknown Elmer Ellsworh Foust
#84 May Term 1879 John F. & Anna S. Teege Harry Laughlin Harry Teege
#138 May Term 1879 John J. & Anna P. Young Hattie Deichman Hattie Young
#9 Feb. Term 1880 William Wirt Chase Ethel Hoff Ethel Hoff Chase [vacated]
#30 May Term 1880 C. N. Daniels Floy Hills Floy Daniels
#57 May Term 1880 I. C. Wilcox Rosa C Henry Rosa C. Wilcox
#77 Sept. Term 1880 Charles & Elizabeth Cannell Frankie M. Harris Frankie M Cannell
#89 Nov. Term 1880 Geo. F. Ellis Ethel Smith Ethel Ellis
#50 Feb. Term 1881 Homer E. & Laura A. Powell Ernest Sinclair Ernest G. Powell
#51 Feb. Term 1881 Charles W. Todd Henry W Miller Henry W Todd
#76 Feb. Term 1881 Simon J. & Delilah Peters Charles Smock Charles Peters
#1 Sept. Term 1881 David & Mary B. Fordyce Grace Woodworth Grace Fordyce
#2 Sept. Term 1881 Robert & Almira Isaacs Almira Melvin Almira Melvin Isaacs
#72 Sept. Term 1881 Nelson David & Nancy S Steiner David Carson Pattan David Carson Steiner
#9 Nov. Term 1881 John J. & Eva Smith Arnold Amond/Ammond John Arnold Smith
#85 Nov. Term 1881 James Baker Rollin Messenger Rollin Baker
#86 Feb. Term 1882 Ulisses Oscar & Sarah S. Bunting Annie Elizabeth Schott Annie Elizabeth Bunting
#87 Feb. Term 1882 Byron S. & Emiline B. Childs Maud L. Hyatt Maud L. Childs
#7 May Term 1882 Ezra I. & Harriet A. Smith Frederic Alfred Sutley Frederick Alfred Smith
#58 May Term 1882 Henry J. Dewey Walter Smith Walter Dewey
#59 May Term 1882 George H. & Delila Day Nellie Post Nellie Day
#60 May Term 1882 Thomas W. & Emily J. Henry Charles Brion Charles Henry
#19 Nov. Term 1882 George R. Jocelyn/Joslin Myrtie Emory Myrtie Jocelyn/Joslin
#42 Nov. Term 1882 A.C. Carpenter Bertha A[deline]. Dunlap Bertha A. Carpenter
#4 Feb. Term 1883 Daniel & Prissilla Weikal Gertrude Zimerman Gertrude Weikal
#49 Feb. Term 1883 Chauncey J. & Martha S. Dennington Hattie Grace Wilder Hattie Grace Dennington
#100 Feb. Term 1883 James & Susan Knoppenberger Lilly Lowell Lilly Knoppenberger
#84 May Term 1883 Walter L. & Harriet S. Davis Maggie H. Hancock Aggie H. Davis
#28 Sept. Term 1883 James & Hannah McElhaney Robert A. McMichael Robert Archibald McElhaney
#6 Nov. Term 1883 Charles H. & Sarah L. Davison Nora Ralston Davenport Nora Davison
#16 May Term 1884 H. M. Cutshall Gertrude J. Kennedy Gertrude J. Cutshall
#25 May Term 1884 Michael & Catherine Condon infant male Joseph Raphael Theodore Condon
#14 Sept. Term 1884 Wellington Cummings Edith Cummings Herron Edith Herron Cummings
#15 Sept. Term 1884 Horace W. & Christine C. Canfield Lettie Smith Mattie Canfield
#7 Nov. Term 1884 Nicholas W. Showers Bessie M. Collins Bessie M. Showers
#16 Nov. Term 1884 Wm. A. Davenport Blanche Palmer Blanche Davenport
#14 Feb. Term 1885 Arthur C. & Lucy A. Gorton Orlando [Morris] Orlando Gorton
#50 Feb. Term 1885 Wellington S. Brown Oland Holeman Oland Brown
#9 Nov. Term 1885 John S. Bell Louis Miers/Myers Louis Bell
#12 Nov. Term 1885 Hillora & Elizabeth Newhard Maggie Elizabeth Vickery Maggie Elizabth Newhard
#8 Feb. Term 1886 Joseph B. Butler Frank Gilliland, Jr. Frank Clemons Butler
#9 Feb. Term 1886 Enos C. & Dorcas Brown Estella Cox Estella Brown
#29 Feb. Term 1886 Oliver Saeger Dora -- Laura Darrie Saeger
#43 May Term 1886 L. G. Waldo & wife Harry N. Neagley Harry N. Waldo
#131 May Term 1886 Everett H. Ketchum Nellie F. and Lewis K. Abbott Nellie F. & Lewis K.[?] Ketchum
#3 Sept. Term 1886 Wm. & Margaret Breene Annie Ryan Annie Breene
#30 Nov. Term 1886 Willie Philander & Nellie Wood [male] Loper William Philander Wood
#36 Nov. Term 1886 Thomas J Patterson Virginia Z. Lemon Virginia Z. Patterson
#4 Feb. Term 1887 George E. Fish Lizzie Capers Lizzie Fish
#53 May Term 1887 John Myers Cass Lowman Cass Myers
#87 May Term 1887 M. P. Foreman Donald C. Foreman Donald C. Foreman
#64 Sept. Term 1887 Joseph W. Fogle Joseph Arthur Wagoner Joseph Arthur Fogle
#38 Nov. Term 1887 George May Alice Theresa Groves Alice Theresa May
#6 Feb. Term 1888 Francis D. & Charlotte Menold Charlotte Rose Charlotte Menold
#7 Feb. Term 1888 G. D. Hall Bruce W. Wells Bruce W. Hall[?]
#19 Feb. Term 1888 Solomon & Louisa Goldstine Charles S. Wolstein Charles S. Goldstein
#138 Sept. Term 1888 George B. Conover Buna Belle Plue Buna Belle Conover
#6 Nov. Term 1888 Jackson Clark & wife George Henry George Henry Clark
#4 Feb. Term 1889 Solon E. Hubbard Ernest Glenn Hubbard Ernest Glenn Hubbard
#15 Feb. Term 1889 Clark R. Heliker Elwin Lester Young Edwin Lester Hilliker
#91 Feb. Term 1889 William M. & Catharine Wallace Helena Gallagher Helena Wallace
#3 Sept. Term 1889 Jesse Jones Mattie Vandervort Mattie Jones
#9 Sept. Term 1889 Peter Kline Adda Viola Perrette Ada Viola[?] Kline
#18 Sept. Term 1889 J. C. Munger Charles Munger Charles Munger
#87 Sept. Term 1889 William J. Jackson Sylvester Ladd Sylvester Ladd Jackson
#88 Sept. Term 1889 William Dietrich Samuel Lafayette Dietrich Samuel Lafayette Dietrich
#89 Sept. Term 1889 John M. Strong William J. Strong William J. Strong
#29 Nov. Term 1889 Austin A. & Rose Fowler Adalaide Francis Johnson Adalaide Francis Fowler
#41 Nov. Term 1889 John W. Oakes Mabel Beabont Maude Pearl Oakes
#2 May Term 1890 W. S. Struble Lillian Grace -- Lillian Grace Strubble
#22 Sept. Term 1890 Jonathan L. Kingsbury Grace Sibley Grace Kingsbury
#23 Sept. Term 1890 Jonathan L. Kingsbury Hattie Burgess Hattie Kingsbury
#23 Nov. Term 1890 George W. & Phebe A. Brown Clara C. Thomas Clara C. Brown
#6 Feb. Term 1891 David A. Marley John Smith [John] Marley
#55 Feb. Term 1891 John M. Chapin Mary Hazel DeLo [Mary Hazel] Chapin
#56 Feb. Term 1891 Geo. S. Bancroft Leo Stowell Fahey [Leo Stowell] Bancroft
#13 Sept. Term 1891 Stiles L. & M. Jennie Miner Myra Blashke Leah Charline Miner
#93 Sept. Term 1891 Bradford & Cora Bell Carr Ruth Hamilton Ruth Carr
#5 Nov. Term 1891 Hulbert J. Keenan Floy Etta Ralya Floy Etta Keenan
#8 Nov. Term 1891 C. W. Mickle Calla Irene Lee Calla Irene Mickle
#9 Nov. Term 1891 F. L. Page James Milliman James Page
#17 Nov. Term 1891 John Francis & Ida Mary Weaver Kate DeLawder Goldie May Weaver
#23 Nov .Term 1891 Amos W. & Adda Birch Pearl M -- Bessie Pearl Birch
#36 Nov. Term 1891 George W. Green Emma Headley Emma H. Green
#46 Feb. Term 1892 John K. & Libbie Hurst Helen Hoffman Hellen May Hurst
#52 Feb. Term 1892 Wilhelm G. Koessling Maria Koessling Maria Koessling
#56 Feb. Term 1892 A. M. & Sarah Peebles unknown female infant Ethel Peebles
#99 Feb. Term 1892 John & Mary Jane Graham Miss Elsie Platt Elsie Graham
#86 May Term 1892 Joseph B. Butler Grace Johns Grace Butler
#4 Sept. Term 1892 Gregor Loeslein John and Mary Guenther [John and Mary] Loeslein
#8 Sept. Term 1892 Thomas J. Blystone Harry B. Hackett Harry B. Blystone
#14 Nov. Term 1892 James Johnson Ray Corey James Johnson, Jr.
#43 Nov. Term 1892 John G. McFeeters Milo Cameron Crowe Milo Cameron Crowe McFeeters
#64 Nov. Term 1892 James G. & Clara Holden Clair [Clais?] E. Hofius Clair E. Holden
#9 Feb. Term 1893 T. H. Baker Hattie R. Dudley Hattie R. Baker
#100 May Term 1893 Wilson S. Smith Alice C. Erickson Alice C. Smith
#17 Sept. Term 1893 Joseph H. & Lydia L. Garwood infant dau. of Irene Owen Ruth Garwood
#18 Sept. Term 1893 G. H. Koessling Calvin Roan Calvin Koessling
#35 Sept. Term 1893 William Johnson Maggie Ayton Maggie Johnson
#36 Sept. Term 1893 Henry Smallenberger Dauphine Eloise Carson Dauphine Eloise Smalenberger
#51 Feb. Term 1894 J. C. Leslie infant Gwendolin Leslie
#29 May Term 1894 J. S. Bradley May Shellito May Bradley
#56 Sept. Term 1894 James T. & Martha J. Reed infant Nellie Georgia Reed
#81 Sept. Term 1894 Stephen F. Locke Claude Eugene Calkins [Stephen F.] Locke
#1 Nov. Term 1894 Homer D. Trace Arthur Storey Pulford Arthur Storey Trace
#92 Feb. Term 1895 Morgan S. Lewis Nellie Annie Fisher Nellie Annie Lewis
#119 Feb. Term 1895 John Morrow Myrtle Peck Slater Myrtle Mildred Morrow
#42 Nov. Term 1895 Mary Shellito Lizzie Robinson [Lizzie] Shellito
#43 Nov. Term 1895 Edith M. Gussmann Kenneth Paul Wagoner [Kenneth Paul] Gussmann
#85 Nov. Term 1895 Mary C. Condon Loretta Roberts Loretta Roberts
#11 May Term 1896 J. F. & Martha J. Wingate Frances Monell Frances Wingate
#18 Sept. Term 1896 Martin W. & Jennie R. Black Robert Addison McKee Robert Addison Black
#28 Sept. Term 1896   Linsey Cleveland Efaw Linsey Cleveland Potter
#114 Sept. Term 1896 Martin G. Bentley Martin Clark Shellito [Martin Clark?] Bentley
#115 Sept. Term 1896 Jeremiah B. & Mary J. Smith Harriet Celestia Robinault Harriet C. Smith
#6 Nov. Term 1896 Thomas G. & Dell McFeeters Nelly May Anderson Nelly May McFeeters
#107 Feb. Term 1897 Allen O. Trace Pearl M. McQuiston Pearl M. Trace
#7 May Term 1897 Sanford Hammon son of Celestia Murphy Clinton DeWitt Hammon
#69 May Term 1897 Miles Mickle Hazel Allere Hathaway Hazel Allene Mickle
#2 Sept. Term 1897 Ferris Wilcox Alice Elizabeth Johnson Anna Elizabeth Wilcox
#126 Sept. Term 1897 Charles Allen Josephine Tolbert Josephine Allen
#3 Feb. Term 1898 Ancil Hurlburt Hattie Goldie St. John Goldie Marguerite Hurlburt
#8 May Term 1898 Truman W. Walker Denver Greenfield Denver Walker
#1 Nov. Term 1898 M. E. Monroe Mabel Ruth Hatch Mable Ruth Monroe
#5 Nov. Term 1898 James H. & Mary Maxwell Mearl Eaton Merle Mazwell
#97 Nov. Term 1898 Andrew Appel Bell Sherred Bell Appel
#1 Feb. Term 1899 Isaac Onspaugh Victor Allen Crane Victor Allen Crane
#58 Feb. Term 1899 Charles & Margaret Dupont Dudley J. Dupont Dudley J. Dupont
#105 Feb. Term 1899 John Mosier Lester J Acker Lester J. Mosier
#137 May Term 1899 Gustouf Herman Koessling & Louise Ethel May Davis Henrietta Koessling
#14 Sept. Term 1899 Wm. H. Landon Clare Raymond [Landon] [Clare Raymond] Landon
#19 Sept. Term 1899 Jesse E. Parker Ethel May Dewey Ethel May Parker
#42 Sept. Term 1899 Wm. H. Landon Lillian Landon Lillian Landon
#57 Sept. Term 1899 Nancy Burns Susie McNamara Susie Burns
#81 Nov. Term 1899 Charles H. Morgan Bessie Gay Bessie Morgan
#97 Feb. Term 1900 Henry & Sabra Langley Leona May Birchard  ——— 
#107 Feb. Term 1900 Julius A. & Lida Merriam Margarite Gibbens Helen Margarite Merriam
#108 Feb. Term 1900 Henry J. & Anna M. Abel Johanna Sophia Knecht Johanna Sophia Abel
#3 May Term 1900 Arthur S. Pears Thomas Todd Gay Thomas Todd Pears
#22 Sept. Term 1900 Elizabeth Carr Willie and Jessie Merchant [Willie and Jessie] Carr
#48 Sept. Term 1900 B. S. Wade Merle E. Holmes [Marie E.] Wade
#4 Feb. Term 1901 John Gaffrey John Prendergast John Gaffrey
#91 Feb. Term 1901 Paul Phillips Grace A. Phillips Grace A. Phillips
#3 May Term 1901 Charles Edward & Mildred May Miller Winifred Snow Winnifred Miller
#37 May Term 1901 Aaron & Jennie Hardy Edward Earl Moore Edward Earl Hardy
#2 Sept. Term 1901 Joseph F. & Sarah E. O’Daniel Anna Cassaday Anna Lousia O’Daniel
#6 Nov. Term 1901 Auldin Penfield Mabel A. Penfield Mabel A. Penfield
#7 Nov. Term 1901 J. A. French Julia Adelaide Hart Julia Adelaide French
#60 Nov. Term 1901 James & Lois Simmons Maud Stranigan Mamie Maud Simmons
#61 Nov. Term 1901 J. Clayton Herrington Ralph Bannister Ralph Herrington
#71 Nov. Term 1901 Daniel Ross George Sliter George Ross
#91 Nov. Term 1901 John W. & Barbara Kebort Mary Elsie Hall Mary Elsie Kebort
#15 May Term 1902 Fred W. Snyder Claude Claude Snyder
#5 Sept. Term 1902 Ellsworth H. & Flora Hubbard Margaret Thora Willis Margaret Thora Hubbard
#41 Sept. Term 1902 Nathan A. Cody Hubert Daniels Hubert Nathan Cody
#71 Sept. Term 1902 William J. & Ida Readmond Jessie Loverna Jessie Loverna Readmond
#26 Nov. Term 1902 G. L. Hatch Mamie Hatch Mamie Hatch
#27 Nov. Term 1902 A. R. Bullock Percy Preston Bullock Percy Preston Bullock
#68 Nov. Term 1902 John T. & Ellen School Arthur Dewey Freeman Arthur Dewey School
#98 Nov. Term 1902 E. W. McArthur Fred H. Mellon Fred Mellon McArthur
#101 Nov. Term 1902 Thomas Smith, Jr. Cleo B. Reynolds Cleo B. Smith
#3 Feb. Term 1903 Luther R. Heard Alton L. Davis Alton L. Heard
#4 Feb. Term 1903 Frank and Julia Drake  
#74 Feb. Term 1903 William F. Gough Lee Hyde Lee Gough
#103 Feb. Term 1903 Sherman S. & Nellie Saeger Mildred Rebecca Pierce Mildred Rebecca Saeger
#104 Feb. Term 1903 W. E. & Lucretia Beatty Charles Albertus Abbott
#2 May Term 1903 Carl & Margretta Alstrom Ruth Lillian Freeman Ruth Lillian Alstrom
#32 May Term 1903 William A. Keen William K.Taylor William K. Taylor
#32 May Term 1903 William A. Keen Pansy Taylor Cooper Pansy (Taylor) Cooper
#62 May Term 1903 G. D. & Nettie Boyer Margaret Elizabeth Haribison Margaret Elizabeth Boyer
#62 May Term 1903 G D. & Nettie Boyer Donald Earl Haribison Donald Earl Boyer
#90 May Term 1903 John & Hattie Pierce Merl Wade Merl Pierce
#142 Sept. Term 1903 William H. & Lucretia Drayer Charles Henry Burr Homer A. Drayer
#8 Nov. Term 1903 Frank C & Nellie Stanley Kenneth Clare McIntyre Kenneth Clare Stanley
#33 Nov. Term 1903 Charles & Emma Weisman Gladys Robertson Gladys Weisman
#18 May Term 1904 Charles C. Harpst Josephine Burdick Josephine Harpst
#66 May Term 1904 Levi & Cynthia M. Cheny Dorothy N. Appel Dorothy N. Cheny
#67 May Term 1904 John Bert & Lena Richael Alice Fern Lane Alice Fern Richael
#104 May Term 1904 George & Martha J. Stratton Edgar W. Clabaugh Edgar W. Stratton
#105 May Term 1904 George & Martha J. Stratton Katharyn Clabaugh Katharyn Stratton
#51 Sept. Term 1904 Clarence & Dolly Drake Grace Elizabeth Rhodes Grace Elizabeth Drake
#76 Sept. Term 1904 John & Effie McKay Frances Martin Frances McKay
#95 Nov. Term 1904 Anderson A. & Clara A. Findley Mary Crawford Mary Findley
#96 Nov. Term 1904 Herbert H. & Grace K. Clare [female child] Elizabeth Ermina Clare
#11 Feb. Term 1905 O. O. & Lillian Squier Arthur Gale Sikes Willard Squier
#31 Feb. Term 1905 Julius F. Echnoz [male child] Edward J. Echnoz
#90 May Term 1905 J. E. & Emma Selder Helen Pierce Helen Selder
#102 Sept. Term 1905 James B. & Anna Cook Anna Baker Anna Cook
#6 Nov. Term 1905 Laura Marshall Scott Scott Marshall
#23 Nov. Term 1905 Phineas Joseph & Anna A. Cackett Emma Clancy Emma Cackett
#6 Feb. Term 1906 Lester W. & Lillie Bright Grace Edna Williams Grace Edna Bright
#57 Feb. Term 1906 Thomas H. & Florence Adamson Elizabeth Gabrielle Adamson Elizabeth Gabrielle Adamson
#59 Feb. Term 1906 Jacob L. Hites Mary Ellot (Newhard) Gaut Mary Ellot Gaut
#40 May Term 1906 Sarah Jane Sanderson F. Henry Fitch F. Henry Sanderson
#44 May Term 1906 Andrew E. & Louie E. Wrenn Esther Amelia Mosher Esther Amelia Wrenn
#52 May Term 1905 R. H. & Elda Hanna Ada May Mumford Ada May Hanna
#77 May Term 1906 Carl G. & Mathilda M. Edberg Ernest H. Peterson Ernest H. Edberg
#30 Sept. Term 1906 Frank H. & Harriet Mary Moon Raymond F. Schumaker Raymond F. Moon
#36 Sept. Term 1906 David W. & Verna A. Boyd Opal Gertrude Ross Opal Gertrude Ross
#49 Sept. Term 1906 Edward R. & Alice M. Hibbard Frank William Walton Frank William Hibbard
#6 Nov. Term 1906 John N. & Emma Browning Edward John Hodge Edward John Browning
#14 Nov. Term 1906 Peter & Priscilla Birch Ethel Eugenie Trotter Ethel Eugenie Birch
#45 Nov. Term 1906 Frank & Azelia Morton Doris Margaret McCloskey Doris Margaret Morton
#80 Nov. Term 1906 George H. & Blanche G. Wygant Susan Elizabeth Carbaugh Susan Elizabeth Wygant
#77 Feb. Term 1907 William J. & Mae Beals Elizabeth Glover Dolibar Elizabeth Glover Beals
#129 Feb. Term 1907 L. M. & S. J. Mickle Leonard S. Holman Leonard S. Mickle
#9 May Term 1907 William Yeager Elizabeth Snearline Cunningham Elizabeth Snearline Yeager
#13 May Term 1907 Harry Emerson & Katheryne C. Townley Marjorie Dornan Marjorie Dornan Townley
#44 May Term 1907 Emery B. & Margaret E. Whitaker Hazel Florence Webster Hazel Florence Whitaker
#52 Sept. Term 1907 J. H. & Abbie Fonner Mildred M. Cunningham Mildred M. Fonner
#63 Sept. Term 1907 Claude & Daisy Lobdell Cleo B. Smith Cleo B. Lobdell
#87 Sept. Term 1907 H. F. & Cora Maxwell Donovan Starkweather Donovan Maxwell
#89 Sept. Term 1907 Rebecca Sheriff Minnie Belle Wheeler Minnie Belle Sheriff
#92 Sept. Term 1907 A. M. & Sarah A. Peebles Dorothy Bolem Dorothy Peebles
#3 Nov. Term 1907 William E. & Cora R. Teege Leland Littlefield Robert Martin Teege
#23 Nov. Term 1907 Charles & Pearl Kightlinger Genevieve Starkweather Genevieve Kightlinger
#48 Nov. Term 1907 Joseph H. & Elizabeth Smith Annie King Ilah Smith
#12 Feb. Term 1908 Alice Barnes Amidon Peter Cooney Paul Stanley Barnes
#74 Feb. Term 1908 Thomas E. & Mary A. Foringer Mildred Ruth Coleman Mildred Ruth Foringer
#113 Feb. Term 1908 Harry R. & Mary M. Coulter Roy Sandman Roy Coulter
#2 May Term 1908 G. A. Damon Mildred Adams Mildred Damon
#89 May Term 1908 David N. &. Lillie M. Parshall Dessie Lorena Wheeler Thelma Parshall
#90 May Term 1908 Mary L. & Carlton A. Ellison Marie Angeline McCollum Marie Angeline Ellison
#91 May Term 1908 James & Carrie Selden Carrie Rock Carrie Selden
#92 May Term 1908 Joseph H. & Ida E. Hogdson Willie A. Carr Willie A. Hodgson
#93 May Term 1908 L. G. DeCourcey Carl Schmidt Carl DeCourcey
#3 Sept. Term 1908 Nelson P. & Eva Wood Sherman Hoar Doliber Harry Doliber Wood
#18 Sept. Term 1908 William F. & Katherine Sherwood Katherine Elizabeth Sherwood Katherine Elizabeth Sherwood
#65 Sept. Term 1908 Asher & Caroline Doctor Rex Shaffer Rex Doctor
#140 Sept. Term 1908 Henry J. & Anna M. Abel Robert Joseph —— Robert Joseph Abel
#149 Sept. Term 1908 John & Tillie Hessler William Edward Ritchie William Edward Hessler
#159 Sept. Term 1908 Freeman D. & Fanchion D. Finney Charles K. Gray Freeman D. Finney
#159 Sept. Term 1908 Fanchion D. Finney Charles K. Gray Fanchion D. Finney
#20 Nov. Term 1908 Henry L. & Inez A. Robson Donald LeRoy Queer Donald Robson
#29 Nov. Term 1908 Mary Burkhardt Martha Graham Martha Burkhardt
#39 Nov. Term 1908 James W. & Alice Black Freddie Theodore Black [Freddie Theodore Black]
#39 Feb. Term 1909 Lewis W. Gerdon Helen M. Floyd Helen M. Gerdon
#50 Feb. Term 1909 Arthur A. & Maude L. Wright Margaret Louise Pieh Margaret Louise Wright
#59 Feb. Term 1909 Edgar & Fannie Burnham Anna Lucretia Saunders/Sanders Anna Lucretia Burnham
#41 May Term 1909 Arthur & Sadie Roswell George O’Neil/Oneal George Roswell
#56 May Term 1909 Elizabeth Schank Donivan Stratton Schank Donivan Stratton Schank
#42 Sept. Term 1909 Elizabeth C. Whiting Edward Lawrence Edward Whiting
#68 Nov. Term 1909 Thomas & Elizabeth Patton Letitia Irene Springborn Letitia Irene Patton
#112 Feb. Term 1910 Altamont & Lenora Jackson Donald Dexter Davison Donald Dexter Jackson
#86 May Term 1910 Mary M. Schwab Eva M. (Yocum) Bender Eva M. Bender
#87 May Term 1910 Alton & Lydia Reagles Harriett Harriett Reagles
#93 May Term 1910 Anna C. Schreiner Elizabeth Johnson Elizabeth Schreiner
#123 May Term 1910 William H. Tracy John Willard John Tracy
#102 Sept. Term 1910 Ira A. & Anna Hanks Dorothy Pauline Mayo Ruth Dorothy Hanks
#111 Sept. Term 1910 P. M. & Hattie Steinhoff Harry Pinkerton Harry Steinhof
#121 Sept. Term 1910 Perl M. & Della M. Brooks Rhea Elizabeth Rhea Elizabeth Brooks
#55 Feb. Term 1911 F. A. & Lucy Franklin Homer O’Neil Homer Franklin
#7 Sept. Term 1911 William & Clara Brookman Marie Hoobler Marie Brookman
#39 Nov. Term 1911 Margaret L. Lawrence Howard Thomas Pennell Howard Thomas Lawrence
#3 Feb. Term 1912 Albert & Esther Cromes Florence Chronaberry Florence Cromes
#9 Feb. Term 1912 Ambrose C. & Margaret Pettit Ellen Anderson Ellen Anderson Pettit
#20 Feb. Term 1912 Isaac B. & Laura M. Armstrong Alice L. Haight Alice L. Armstrong
#40 Feb. Term 1912 George W. & Minnie M. Huestis Harold Bartlett Harry William Huestis
#71 Feb. Term 1912 Hyram D. & Vernie Smith Arnold Edward Bell Arnold Edward Smith
#11 May Term 1912 Lizzie V. Graham Virginia Best Graham Virginia Best Graham
#42 May Term 1912 Daniel & Minnie Houck Ellen Walters Ellen Houck
#54 May Term 1912 J. F. & Emma Shearer Mabel Irene Gerard Mabel Irene Shearer
#54 May Term 1912 Augustus Gerard Mabel Irene Shearer [incomplete]
#56 May Term 1912 Herman F. & Marie J. Merker William Garfield Smith William Garfield Merker
#72 May Term 1912 Clifford H. & Bertha Gehring Donald Krowsky Donald Gehring
#117 May Term 1912 William & Grace Uhr Josephine Mary Henry Josephine Mary Uhr
#26 Sept. Term 1912 Albert & Sylvania R. Adsit Mary Helen and Albert H. Adsit [names unchanged?]
#39 Sept. Term 1912 H. J. & Ruth Sharah Bessie Burns [name unchanged?]
#101 Sept. Term 1912 V. C. & Lulu Harshaw Dorothy Burns
#58 Nov. Term 1912 Alonzo D. & Jennie Murdock Lyrick Lyman? Lyrick Lyman Murdock
#63 Nov. Term 1912 S. W. & Ethel Rhodes Evaline Smock Evaline Rhodes
#8 Feb. Term 1913 Sarah Edna Marsh Marian Edna Marsh [name unchanged]
#8 Feb. Term 1913 Sarah Edna Marsh Jared Myron Marsh [name unchanged]
#8 Feb. Term 1913 Sarah Edna Marsh John Wallace Marsh [name unchanged]
#8 Feb. Term 1913 Sarah Edna Marsh Susannah Almira Marsh [name unchanged]
#16 Feb. Term 1913 Joseph H. Madigan Edward McGrath Edward Madigan
#88 Feb. Term 1913 Fred N. & Lucy F. Huckleberry Geraldine Elouise Helmbrecht Geraldine Elouise Huckelbery
#89 Feb. Term 1913 Guy S. & Grace F. Wygant Scott Dale Hendrickson Scott Dale Wygant
#111 Feb. Term 1913 Fred A. & Marion E. McKelvey Alice Fahey Mildred Elizabeth McKelvey
#10 May Term 1913 Andrew Kotodrieg Helen Sevick Helen Kotodriej
#120 May Term 1913 William G. & Janie Snyder Dorothy Leslie Dorothy Leslie Snyder
#126 May Term 1913 Newton L. & Juil H. Leonheart Edward Anderson Edward Anderson Leonhart
#169 Sept. Term 1913 William & May Bromley Bessie Dell Allen Bessie Dell Bromley
#20 Feb. Term 1914 Clarence E. & Stella Wood Ruth Evelyn Shea Ruth Evelyn Wood
#38 Feb. Term 1914 Augustus M. & Eva Fenner Gladys Ledora Kile Gladys L. Fenner?
#51 Feb. Term 1914 Walter F. & Bessie Law George Hershelman George Law
#52 May Term 1914 J. Sanford & Elffie Smock James Leasure Robert William Smock
#43 Sept. Term 1914 Oscar E. & Augusta C. Anderson Robert Frick Robert Frick Anderson
#60 Sept. Term 1914 Emery M. M. & May Bisbey Richard Smith Richard Smith Bisbey
#88 Sept. Term 1914 George & Emma Anderson Howard Thomas Lawrence/Penn… Howard Thomas Anderson
#30 Nov. Term 1914 Jay & Amanda Matthews Mabel Spencer Mabel Matthews
#44 Nov. Term 1914 Edward W. & Iva Glee Phelps Edith Isabel Bennett Edith Isabel Phelps
#34 Feb. Term 1915 John A. & Gertrude E. Yocum Gertrude Leona Patterson Gertrude Leona Yocum
#7 May Term 1915 Slater M. & Mary A. Merchant Henry Irwin Burdette Merchant
#43 May Term 1915 George W. Harvey Floyd Swires Floyd Harvey
#96 Sept. Term 1915 John & Matilda Maloney Ellsworth Carpenter Ellsworth Maloney
#96 Sept. Term 1915 John & Matilda Maloney Merle Carpenter Merle Maloney
#97 Sept. Term 1915 Dexter & Katherine Taylor Paul Carpenter Paul Taylor
#97 Sept. Term 1915 Dexter & Katherine Taylor Lloyd Carpenter Lloyd Taylor
#8 Nov. Term 1915 Roy & Nellie Penfield Sterle Swanson Sterle Penfield
#46 Nov. Term 1915 T. Clara Taylor Rena Shugert Rena Taylor
#75 Nov. Term 1915 Louis F. Stahl May Isabelle Morris May Isabelle Stahl
#2 Feb. Term 1916 Andrew J. & Rose Meehan Mary Conroy Mary Meehan
#25 Feb. Term 1916 A. E. & Jennie Dougherty Gladys Young Gladys Dougherty
  vacatedGladys Dougherty Gladys Young
#25 Feb. Term 1916 A. E. & Jennie Dougherty Dorothy Young Dorothy Dougherty
  vacatedDorothy Dougherty Dorothy Young
#15 May Term 1916 Ira E. & Inez A. Hall John H. Reynolds John H. Reynolds[?]
#2 Sept. Term 1916 Wallace F. & Musa Haun Alice Ruth Stinedurf Ruth May Haun
#50 Sept. Term 1916 Andrew & Roseltha E. Bennett Anna Rose Sticka Anna Rose Bennett
#103 Sept. Term 1916 Weldon A. & Alice Davis Arthur L. McCray Arthur L. Davis
#3 Nov. Term 1916 J. H. & Sadie E. Smock Sadie Gladys McGranahan Sadie Gladys Smoch
#4 Nov. Term 1916 William G. & Janie Snyder [foundling]   Catherine Snyder
#22 Nov. Term 1916 William C. Wheeler Minnie Bell Sheriff Minnie Bell Wheeler
#23 Nov. Term 1916 William C. Wheeler Thelma Parshall Thelma Wheeler
#33 Nov. Term 1916 Ora & Kittie Akeley Mary Alice A. Mook Mary Alice A. Akeley
#34 Nov. Term 1916 George W. & Ethel I. Eberman Frances Foote Jeanne Barbara Eberman
#41 Nov. Term 1916 Joseph P. & Marie Conway Mary Clementine Lesco Mary Clementina Conway
#73 Nov. Term 1916 Frank E. Fidelman Dorothy Aileen Theuret [missing]
#125 Feb. Term 1917 Bryon & Della Thomas Cecil Smith Cecil[e?] Thomas
#25 May Term 1917 Robert B. & Grace Maynard George DeLauzon George Maynard
#9 Sept. Term 1917 Lewis & Sabina J. Myers Catherine R. Snodgrass Catherine R. Myers
#83 Sept. Term 1917 Fred W. & Blanche Boyer Thornton Gains Bryant Leake Robert Bryant Thornton
#86 Sept. Term 1917 Frederick & Margaret Moyer Winifred Carney Winifred C. Moyer
#28 Nov. Term 1917 Walter & Caroline L. Bauer [nameless child]  
#8 Feb. Term 1918 H. M. Dickson Vinnie Irene Baker Vinnie Irene Baker Dickson
#27 Feb. Term 1918 Tony & Madeline Vitrano Ethel Fucci Ethel Vitrano
#69 Feb. Term 1918 Judson A. & Ella Sargent Catherine Agnes Murdock Catherine Agnes Sargent
#88 Feb. Term 1918 Frank K. & Adeline Easterwood Eleanor Graham Helen Cullum Easterwood
#4 May Term 1918 Edward & Anna Premo Margaret Mary Meagher Margaret Mary Premo
#5 May Term 1918 John A. & Margaret Smith Austa Edna Lamb Austa Edna Smith
#22 May Term 1918 Jane A. Dickson Marion Woods Davenport [name unchanged]
#22 May Term 1918 Jane A. Dickson George Seiple Davenport [name unchanged]
#53 May Term 1918 Elnora Gromoll Harry A. Ford Harry A. Gromoll
#6 Sept. Term 1918 George B. & Tressie Nora Wright Harry Ross George R. Wright
#76 Sept. Term 1918 Jason O. & Alta R. Goodwill Doratha Keefer Doratha Goodwill
#121 Sept. Term 1918 John A. & Adell Gilliland Chester Cox Chester Gilliland
#7 Feb. Term 1919 Fenton C. & Florence King Freda LaRue Homer Dorothy King
#8 Feb. Term 1919 Fenton C. & Florence King Florence E. Reigger Florence King
#44 Feb. Term 1919 Nellous & Josephine Landers Robert Franklin Stainbrook Robert Franklin Landers
#54 Feb. Term 1919 Frank W. & Lillian Hunt Isabel Shontz Isabel Hunt
#44 May Term 1919 William D. & Priscilla Sensor Arlene Bell Moore Arlene Bell Sensor
#94 May Term 1919 Frank & Lillie Rondeau Herbert Frank Crea Herbert Frank Rondeau
#10 Sept. Term 1919 Daniel C. & Helen Beck Mary Ann Lyman Mary Ann Beck
#17 Sept. Term 1919 Mrs. Jennie McLucas Iona Pearl McLucas Iona Pearl McLucas
#20 Sept. Term 1919 Wallace C. & Martha L. Gerard Raymond Gouin Raymond Gerard
#22 Sept. Term 1919 Ralph E. & Clara A. Bourquin Henry Joseph Vernier Henry Joseph Bourquin
#24 Sept. Term 1919 Henry Hugh & Ethel E. Nodine Clarence Foster Clarence Nodine
#70 Sept. Term 1919 John & Maggie Finnucan John Cornelius McLaughlin John Cornelius Finnucan
#141 Sept. Term 1919 Earl L. & Mae Haven Donald Irvin Reynolds Donald Irvin Haven
#19 Nov. Term 1919 George E. & Mary A. Tyler Kenneth Lake Kenneth Tyler
#19 Nov. Term 1919 George E. & Mary A. Tyler Velma Lake Velma Tyler
#31 Nov. Term 1919 Harold W. & Alwera Craig Robert Harold Edward Massiker Robert Harold Edward Craig
#57 Nov. Term 1919 W. M. Stevens William Stevens William Stevens
#15 Feb. Term 1920 Marvin & Mattie Petterson Robert Anderson Robert Peterson
#20 Feb. Term 1920 Charles L. & Margaret W. Shaw Charles G. Hannah [refused]
#20 Feb. Term 1920 Charles L. & Margaret W. Shaw Margaret F. Hannah [refused]
#60 Feb. Term 1920 James P. & Winnifred Slocum Winifred Marie Craig Helen Burnett Slocum
#65 Feb. Term 1920 Amos & Etta Golbey Morris Golbey Morris Golbey
#4 May Term 1920 A. P. & Elizabeth Hopkins Albert Morgan Hopkins Albert Morgan Hopkins
#44 May Term 1920 Mrs. Hattie Means Hattie Viola Schofield Hattie Viola Means
#113 May Term 1920 Thomas E. & Evelyn A. McGuigan Colletta Gertrude Hilliard Coletta Evelyn McGuigan
#128 May Term 1920 Joseph & Julia Madarasz Elizabeth Toth Elizabeth Madaras[z]
#33 Sept. Term 1920 Domer J. & Candace C. Bailey Donald Mathews Donald Bailey
#134 Sept. Term 1920 Samuel J. & Hattie M. Docter Donald Miller, Jr. Donald Miller Docter
#16 Feb. Term 1921 E. & Annie Knickerbocker Dorothy Dorothy Knickerbocker
#170 Feb. Term 1921 John & Emma Curry Marion Theuret Marion Curry
#170 Feb. Term 1921 John & Emma Curry Frank Theuret Frank Curry
#170 Feb. Term 1921 John & Emma Curry Grace Theuret Grace Curry
#216 Feb. Term 1921 A. H. & Gertrude Stein Howard Godwin Howard Godwin Stein
#217 Feb. Term 1921 Walker J. & Juvia M. Keene James Monroe McIntyre James Monroe Keen
#29 May Term 1921 James F. & Julie Burke George M. McDeVitt George McDivitt Burk[e]
#29 May Term 1921 James F. & Julie Burke John McDeVitt John McDivitt Burk[e[
#48 May Term 1921 Laurence & Lulu J. Leberman David King David Leberman
#86 May Term 1921 Louis N. Millette Marie Babetta Somier Marie Babetta Millette
#59 Sept. Term 1921 Betsy W. Broughton Dorothy Marie Calvin Dorothy Marie Broughton
#88 Sept. Term 1921 Charles L. & Margaret W. Shaw Margaret F. Hannah Margaret F. Shaw
#88 Sept. Term 1921 Charles L. & Margaret W. Shaw Charles G. Hannah [not approved]
#12 Nov. Term 1921 John D. & Effie Ongley Elizabeth Ellen Consla Elizabeth Ellen Ongley
#24 Nov. Term 1921 Albert McCray Richard Crouthers Richard McCray
#9 Feb. Term 1922 Homer R. & Carrie Nichols Esther R. Phelps Esther R. Nichols
#37 Feb. Term 1922 Charles L. & Eva M. Schwartz William Roy McKinley [missing]
#52 Feb. Term 1922 Blaine S. & Eva E. Cook Pauline E. Lawyer Pauline E. Cook[?]
#103 Feb. Term 1922 Lubert & Fannie T. Wise Francis Russell Bielitz Herbert Clinton Wise
#2 May Term 1922 Lynn & Lulu Throop Alfred Claire Mealy Alfred Claire Throop
#57 May Term 1922 George F. Fix Lewis W. White Lewis W. White[?]
#70 May Term 1922 Henry J. & Anna Abel Clara Frances Johnson Marie Katherine Abel
#70 May Term 1922 Henry J. & Anna Abel Martha Viola May Johnson Rita Elizabeth Abel
#72 May Term 1922 William H. & Mable B. Helmer Mary Spencer
#79 May Term 1922 Edward G. & Julia R.   Joseph Edward Jackson Joseph Edward Jackson
#2 Sept. Term 1922 Lee J. Rowe Lawrence Foley Lawrence Rowe
#2 Sept. Term 1922 Lee J. Rowe Marion Foley Marion Rowe
#2 Sept. Term 1922 Lee J. Rowe Dorothy Foley Dorothy Rowe
#3 Sept. Term 1922 Chester C. & Alida B. Joslin Betty Jane Long Lois Corinne Joslin
#70 Sept. Term 1922 Clarence W. & Nellie Devitt Briggs Eugene Edward King Eugene Edward Briggs
#147 Sept. Term 1922 Nellie Guild Frances Miller Frances Guild
#2 Nov. Term 1922 Charles H. & Nettie H. Yonts Liota Irene Rogers Liota Irene Yonts
#12 Nov. Term 1922 M. H. & Mary Alena Williams Blanche Frances Lang Blanche Frances Williams
#45 Nov. Term 1922 James & Ida B. Redmond Orrin Smith Orrin Redmond
#2 May Term 1923 Frank G. & Nellie Watson Cecil Biglow John Cecil Watson
#2 May Term 1923 Frank G. & Nellie Watson Benjamin Biglow, Jr. Kenneth Eugene Watson
#7 May Term 1923 Moses & Eva J. Marks Shirley Frieda Satz Shirley Frieda Marks
#43 May Term 1923 Howard E. & Myrta McQuiston Hal McQuiston Hal McQuiston
#75 May Term 1923 Joseph H. & Ida E. Wolff Wanita Borst Wanita Wolff
#17 Sept. Term 1923 Louis E. Shellito Anna Mary Abbott Anna Mary Shellito
#29 Sept. Term 1923 Joseph C. Calhoun Lina Steel Mathews Lina Steel Mathews
#30 Sept. Term 1923 Joseph C. Calhoun Frank J. Steel Frank J. Steel[?]
#114 Sept. Term 1923 Carl M. & M. Grace Hazen Barbara Ann Jones Barbara Ann Hazen
#127 Sept. Term 1923 Emeline E. Roddy John H. Applebee John H. Applebee[?]
#129 Sept. Term 1923 David N. & Minerva Burrows Carl Eugene Hawkins Carl Eugene Burrows
#136 Sept. Term 1923 LeRoy & Nellie Stadler LeRoy George Longacker LeRoy George Stadler
#137 Sept. Term 1923 Salvatore & Anna Acquaviva Grace Acquaviva Grace Acquaviva
#16 Nov. Term 1923 John & Mildred Whitten Henry Carlson Henry Whitten
#23 Nov. Term 1923 F. L. & I. M. Edwards Eugene Abbott Eugene Edwards
#24 Nov. Term 1923 J. F. & Amelia Keith Dorothy Trappe Dorothy Keith
#20 Feb. Term 1924 Ralph I. & Emma Bodamer Gehring Florence Bodamer Florence Gehring
#75 Feb. Term 1924 D. Allen & Florence Davidson William Keisling William Davidson
#4 May Term 1924 Crawford M. & Floy Jessie Woods Wilson W. Woods Wilson W. Woods
#5 May Term 1924 Mary A. Davis, widow Meriam A. Miller Meriam A. Davis[?]
#31 May Term 1924 Josef & Annie Bialon Theresa Diagracia Theresa Bialon
#93 May Term 1924 Orin F. & Edna A. Warner Ellen Jeannette Armagost Ellen Jeannette Warner
#8 Nov. Term 1924 Charles & Belle Luttrell Robert Paul Smith Robert Edward Luttrell
#22 Nov. Term 1924 Effie M. Piffers Ethel Clark Muirbrook [papers missing]
#29 Nov. Term 1924 Lawrence & Bessie Moffitt Harry Grinnell Harry Moffitt
#34 Nov. Term 1924 Lewis & Rebecca DeCourcey Alice May Carter Ruth DeCourcey
#  Nov.? Term 1924 Austin Randall Samuel Davis Peterson
#62 Nov. Term 1924 Lee & Joie Cooper Dorothy Randall Dorothy Cooper
#65 Nov. Term 1924 Floyd & Florence Peterson Florence Irene Holton Florence Irene Peterson
#82 Feb. Term 1925 J. W. & Almeda Keech Oliver E. Hunt Oliver E. Keech [?]
#82 Feb. Term 1925 J. W. & Almeda Keech Jasper D. Hunt Jasper D. Keech [?]
#82 Feb. Term 1925 J. W. & Almeda Keech Reuben A. Hunt Reuben Keech [?]
#89 Feb. Term 1925 Wesley Gehr Anna (—) Oates [Anna Oates]
#2 May Term 1925 Percy R. & Kathryn Morton Hyde Mary Katheryn Davis [Mary Katheryn(?) Davis]
#14 May Term 1925 Henry E. & Frances Waring Mary Barbara Craik Mary B. Waring
#15 May Term 1925 Homer & Lottie Douglas Frank William Douglas [Frank William Douglas?]
#71 May Term 1925 Fred D. & Myrtle Roberts Rita Louise Hills Rita Louise Roberts
#72 May Term 1925 W. W. & Georgia May Childs Arden Garth Hills Arden Garth Childs
#19 Sept. Term 1925 Michel & Mary Halas Joseph Popely Joseph Halas
Deed Book 246:7576 Nathan R. & Myrtle Fern Smith Autumn Pearl Waid Autumn Pearl Smith

1 Section 7, Act No. 456, “Relating to certain duties and rights of Husband and Wife, and Parents and Children,” 1855 Pa. Laws 430 (approved 4 May 1855).