Crawford County, Pennsylvania

1880 U.S. CENSUS - Mortality Schedules
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 KEY:   1 Family # on Schedule 1.   2 Name of deceased.   3 Age.   4 Sex.   5 Color.   6, 7, 8 Single, Married, Widowed/Divorced.   9 Place of birth.   10 Birthplace of father.   11 Birthplace of mother.   12 Profession, trade, or occupation.   13 Month of death.   14 Disease or cause of death.   15 Length of residence in the county.   16 Where disease contracted.   17 Attending physician.
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S.D. 10, E.D. 109
Enumerator:  Jno N Radle
1.   Charlott Coy 50 F W married NY MA MA Keeping house Sept. Pneumonia     Dr Flowers
3.   Mary Hatch 6 F W single PA PA PA   Sept. Pneumonia     Jacob Wilson
5.   Esther Hall 81 F W married MA MA MA Keeping house May Old Age      
7.   Tharasa Roueche 53 F W married France France France Keeping house Sept. Neuralgia Stomach     Don E Ashley
Cause of Death­Primary: Neuralgia Stomach; signed: Don E. Ashley
9.   Jane E Blanchard 72 F W married VT NH NH Keeping house May Debility      
11.   Otis O Byham 8 M W single PA PA PA Attending School May Typhoid Fever     L. A. Smith
Cause of Death­Primary: Typhoid Fever; Immediate: Coma; signed: L A Smith
13.   S Delos Fitch 8/12 M W single PA PA PA   Aug. Cholera Infantum     Don E Ashley
Cause of Death­Primary: Cholera Infantum; signed: Don E Ashley
15.   John G Fairbanks 9 M W single PA NY PA   March Congestion Lungs     Don E Ashley
Cause of Death­Primary: Congestion Lungs; signed: Don E Ashley
19.   Susan Graham 77 F W married VT VT VT   Jan. Neurasthemia      
21.   David Graham 78 M W   VT VT VT   Sept. Consumption [written over:] Constipation      
23.   S Adelia Wilder 27 F W married PA NY MA School Teacher March Consumption     L A Smith
Cause of Death­Primary: Consumption; Immediate: Coma; signed: L A Smith
25.   Hannah Holmes 41 F W married OH DE OH Keeping house March Fever Typhoid [written over:] Change of Life      
Additions from Physicians Returns
28.   Infant Regle ­ M W single PA US US   Nov. Still Born     L. A. Smith
29.   E Hunt 21 F W married PA Ireland Ireland Housekeeper Oct. Consumption     B. Smith
30.   [blank] Soemaker 75 M W widower US US US Laborer March Liver dis     W. T. Flower
31.   J Veroin 25 M W married US US US Farmer June Diphtheria     W. T. Flower
32.   Infant Dee 6 hr M W single PA US US   March Convulsions     L. A. Smith
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