Crawford County, Pennsylvania

1880 U.S. CENSUS - Mortality Schedules
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 KEY:   1 Family # on Schedule 1.   2 Name of deceased.   3 Age.   4 Sex.   5 Color.   6, 7, 8 Single, Married, Widowed/Divorced.   9 Place of birth.   10 Birthplace of father.   11 Birthplace of mother.   12 Profession, trade, or occupation.   13 Month of death.   14 Disease or cause of death.   15 Length of residence in the county.   16 Where disease contracted.   17 Attending physician.
1 2 3 4 5 6, 7, 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
S.D. 10, E.D. 101
Enumerator:  Isaac W Allee
1. 26 Leroy Hickernell 1 M W single PA PA PA   Nov. Scarlet fever 1   Doc Wm. Gamble
2. 39 Joseph Fox 63 M W married PA PA PA Farmer Dec. Heart dis [written over:] Paralysis of heart Disease 1   Doc H Smith
3. 56 Parker T Allee 66 M W married PA PA PA Farmer Dec. Paralysis of Brain & softening 66   Doc Wm. Gamble
     Note:  Family of Jasper R Head, with wife Anna O., mother-in-law Catharine Allee, aged 64 widow.
4. 87 Luticia Jones 82 F W widow PA PA Ireland Keeping hos Nov. Congestion of the Lungs 60   Doc H Smith
     Note:  Family of John Newell, with wife Rebecca, sister-in-law Mary Jones, aged 43.
5. 87 Martha Lewis 67 F W single PA MD DL Keeping hous June Congestion of heart & lungs 67   Doc Wm. Gamble
6. 101 Anne McChony 5 F W single PA Ireland PA   Jan. Dropsy (General) 5   Doc Wm. Gamble
     Note:  At family #101, surname is spelled Machoney.
7. 169 Charles Kuscenber 3/12 M W single PA Germany Germany   Oct. Croup  3/12   Alice
     Note:  At family #169, surname is spelled Koscenberger.
8. 193 Not Named Yocum 1/365 F W single PA PA PA   July Debility 1/365    
     Note:  At family #193, surname is spelled Yochum.
9. 223 Truman Rundle 67 M W married NY NY NY Farmer April Pneumonia 61   Doc Wm. Gamble
10. 224 Jane McMillen 58 F W married PA NY NY Keeping house Nov. Heart disease 58   Doc Wm. Gamble
11. 242 Marthia  Stanford 72 F W widow Canada Canada Canada Keeping house May Uterine cancer 51   Doc Wm. Gamble
12. 259 Ebinezer Whipple 75 M W married MA MA MA Farmer Jan. Pneumonia 47   Doc Wm. Gamble
13. 269  Sophia Smith 77 F W single CT CT CT Keeping house Oct. Unknown [ritten over:] Asthma 46   Doc M Boyd
     Note:  Family of Jefferson Line, with wife Dlett[?], aged 45 (mother born CT).
14. 340 Agnes White 21 F W single PA NY Ireland Keeping house Oct. Suiside by Shooting 21   Doc Calvin
15. 365 Anna Line 36 F W married PA NY MA Keeping house May Phthisis Pulmonalis 36   Doc Wm. Gamble
16. 377 Mary Clark 75 F W widow OH NY PA Pauper Dec. Congestion of lungs & aneurism of Aorta 30   Doc Wm. G[amble?]
     Note:  Family of Perry Byers, aged 63.
17. 379 George Lefever 59 M W married PA PA PA Farmer July Paralysis of brain 59   Doc W D[­torn]
     Note:  Family of Porter J. Beebe, with wife Syntha, sister-in-law Pricilla Lefever, widow.
18. 311 Lucinda Parker 49 F W single NY NY NY Keeping house May Consumption of Lungs 30   Doc [torn]
Remark: I called on Doctor Gamble and he filled out the above in the cases of his patients and said that he had not the time at present to give the particulars but if he could give you any inform-ation when he had more time he would willingly do so and if you would return a copy of this sheet he would fill it out as it should be filled. PO Address Mosiertown Crawford County Pa

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